What Jobs And Careers Can You Get With Animation And VFX Course?

“Visual Effects” or “Visual FX” or “VFX” requires the blending of digitally augmented graphics with the real-life shoot as well as manipulation of imagery to create an exaggerated yet convincing sequence or simulations, which are otherwise unfeasible to craft in real life. For example, the creation of alien life on an alien planet or environment, showing an explosion in the building, demonstrating a fictional character with superpowers, etc. 

A kind of visual effect, Animation, requires transforming inanimate objects or static images or photographs, 3D generated characters or illustrations, etc., into frames, which are then placed in a series. When these are showcased at a fast speed, it gives a simulation of movement. 24 frames per second are vital for creating a jerk-less smooth movement. Animation, thus created, is utilized as content to feed TV shows, Video Games, advertising, Films, mobile applications, online space, etc.

Career opportunities: 

  • Animator: He uses software and other technologies such as stop-frame, 3D model-making, 2D, etc., to give life to inanimate objects, digitally produced images or hand-drawn illustrations, etc. He understands the client’s requirements and accordingly creates animations for utilization in TV shows, ads, films, online mediums & video games etc. 
  • Game Designer/Developer: He utilizes his understanding of market dynamics and client & end-user requirements to visualize, ideate, and design gaming concepts, including storyline, mechanics, characters, puzzles, etc. He is also accountable for the finances and revenue. Hence he collaborates with varied teams like prototyping, testing, Sound & VFX design, programming, marketing, etc., to develop engaging games that are not only available on multiple platforms but also can be updated easily to incorporate new technologies like AI, ML, Augmented reality, etc. and new language. 
  • Web Designers: He utilizes his technical and non-technical skills and his comprehension of end users’ preferences & requirements, client briefs, the company’s brand language, etc. to conceptualize, code, and design web pages. He ensures that the designed website has an appropriate UI-UX, intuitive & logical navigation, can run on multiple platforms, and can be updated & maintained easily to offer a convenient and delightful user experience. 
  • Lighting Artist: He has an essential role to play in storytelling, for he utilizes his knowledge of how light interacts with real-life objects to create the desired effects and bring a sequence alive. He is responsible for ensuring the tone setting for each shot, thereby maintaining continuity. 
  • Compositing Artist: To ensure glitch-free experience along with maintaining seamlessness between the visual effects (VFX) and the live shoot, his services are essential. 
  • Rigging or Texture Artist: He must employ his observation skills to not only craft a digital skeleton for 3D computer-generated characters but also give this digital character a personality, including how he reacts, what are his movements, face, moods etc. 
  • Concept Artists: He must possess artistic skills along capability of attention to detail, for he visualizes & designs simulated worlds, planets, environments & characters that otherwise do not exist. He is also accountable for conjuring up temperaments, moods, actions & reactions, personality, moods etc.  

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