Vassar College Acceptance Rate 2022 And Admission Requirements

Vassar college acceptance rate is quite competitive and that should tell you how selective it is.

Vassar acceptance rate is that low due to the increased popularity of liberal arts college which force’s more and more students to look for the right educational institute to obtain a degree in their field.

Just as expected, Vassar receives too many applications every year which makes their admission process selective.

In this article, we’ll tell you more about Vassar college acceptance rate 2022, application deadlines and every other thing you need to know to keep you prepared and boost your chance of getting admitted.

About Vassar college

Vassar College is a private institution found in 1861. It is of the private liberal arts college that offers a very flexible curriculum as it utilizes a semester based academic calendar made to promote diverse studies.

This college was known as the second in degree granting institutions of highereducation for women in theUnited States.

It is one of the college that has a historic relationship with Yale University, which became a merger before they both suggested to become coeducational institutions.

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Why Vassar College?

Vassar bestows a bachelor degreein more than 40 majors and it allows students create a course of study including interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary fields of study.

It has one of the most flexible curriculums and it’s one of the best liberal art college that provides the best education for both state and international students. It is a

Academics isn’t the only thing this college has to offer, students are allowed to add to their learning by helping others through the community’s engaged experiential type of learning, participation in sport activities and they are also given the opportunity to network with alumni to begin their career once their time at Vassar college ends.

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What Is Vassar College Acceptance Rate?

Vassar college is an elite school and only the best students get in. Vassar college acceptance rate 2022 is 24.6%.

This means that for every 100 students that apply to this great institution, only 25 are admitted. This should tell you how competitive and selective the school is. They only admit students with strong potential and scholastic achievements.

Vassar requires you to be the top of your class and although most students might feel the Vassar college’s acceptance rate is too low, but after getting the opportunity to be one of the students in this college, it will come to them that it is worth all the effort and hard work.

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What Is Vassar College Ranking?

Vassar college is a very prominent institution and it being a liberal arts college has made it earn top marks from different publications. Forbes alone ranked it 19thon its 2021 list of top liberal artsschool and 34th among other schools in north east.

What Is Vassar Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Vassar college is a very competitive school for regular students and after admitting students, there are usually little spaces left for transfer students which makes it very competitive and selective during the transfer process. Vassar transfer acceptance rate is 12.84%.

It is generally relatively more difficult and competitive to gain admission into Vassar college as a transfer student than as a freshman.

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What Is The Decision Notification Date For Transfer Students?

To those applying as a transfer student for spring semester, they are usually notified in mid December. Transfer applicants for fall are notified in early April.

The admitted transfer students are usually expected to respond within two weeks of the notification and they are also expected to enroll for the semester they have been offered admission in.

What Is Vassar Acceptance Rate By Major?

Vassar college offers 48 undergraduate distinct degree that is concentrated into about 41 majors within 17 fields of study.

Vassar college offers the right fit, cost and value to meet your educational goals. As aforementioned above, the acceptance rate for Vassar college is 24.6% but the acceptance rates usually depends on the major.

Majors in Vassar College

  • Africans studies
  • American studies
  • Anthropology
  • Art history
  • Art studio
  • Asian studies
  • Astronomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Cognitive science
  • Computer science
  • Drama
  • Earth science
  • Earth science and society
  • Economics
  • Educational studies
  • English
  • Environmental studies
  • Film
  • French and francophone studies
  • Geology
  • German studies
  • Global nineteenth century studies
  • Greek and Roman studies
  • Hispanic studies
  • History
  • Independent program
  • International relations
  • International studies
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Jewish studies
  • Latin American and Latin studies
  • Mathematics
  • Media studies
  • Medieval  and renaissance studies
  • Music
  • Neuroscience and behavior
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Political science
  • Psychological science
  • Religion
  • Russian studies
  • Science, technology and society
  • Sociology
  • Urban studies
  • Women, feminist and queer studies

The student faculty ratio is 8:1 and for the fact that it is a private school, 68.3% of the classes has fewer than 20 students. Other majors still have the acceptance rate of 24.6% but the ones listed below have their own acceptance rate;

  • Social sciences –22%
  • Biological and biomedical sciences – 15%
  • Visual and performing arts –11%
  • Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies –7%
  • Mathematics and Statistics –6%
  • Psychology – 6%
  • Foreign languages –5%
  • Literature and linguistics – 5%
  • Computer science –5%
  • English language and literature –5%
  • Physical sciences – 4%

Admission Requirements For Vassar College

The acceptance rate into Vassar college is quite low as it is a very competitive school. The admission requirements are exceptionally high as theygenerally admit students who score very high.

Below are the important requirements you must have when considering your admission chances into Vassar college.

  • Early decision agreement (for early decision students alone)
  • Application fee of $65 or request for a fee waiver
  • High school transcript
  • Good GPA
  • Teachers recommendations
  • Mid year grade report
  • IELTS/TOEFL/DET: This is only needed if English is not your first language or the primary language of instruction in the high school you attended for the past three years.
  • Standardized testing
  • Applicant interview

Vassar College Transfer Requirements

Transfer applicants are those who have already gotten their high school diploma and have already enrolled into a university. There are usually limited slots for transfer students and the admission process is very competitive.

  • High school transcript
  • College transcript
  • Transfer college report
  • Transfer academic evaluation from a college instructor
  • Transfer mid term report for those enrolled in college

No minimum credit requirement has been set for the application to Vassar as a transfer student. As a transfer student, you are only allowed to apply early during the first semester of your first year in college.

While enrolling into Vassar college as a transfer student, you must be ready to complete four full time semesters to graduate and transfer students who also have a bachelor’s degree are not allowed to apply to Vassar.

Vassar College GPA Requirements

Because this school is quite selective and competitive, getting in requires you to have a high GPA of 4.0 at least to stand a chance, because you already have a great shot at getting in with the necessary admission requirements. If you have a lower score, it’ll be a steep uphill stress for you to get admitted.

This GPA means Vassar is very selective and all the most of those applying come from all over the world and to be a competitive applicant to Vassar college, your GPA should come very close to the average of 4.0 as it is very difficult to get in as a student.

What are Vassar’s deadlines?

Every year, Vassar college enrolls the most diverse and intelligent students based on their academic performance, personal achievements and their strong willing potential to contribute to Vassar college.

Vassar college employs a need-blind admission deadline policy for all applicants and these decisions are made with regard to the student’s financial situation.

Vassar college has two intake seasons which consists of spring and fall and there are admission deadlines for regular decisions and early decisions depending on the students choice.

  • Fall – March 15
  • Spring – November 1

What Are Vassar’s Decision Dates?

Vassar college applicants are given are givendates. There are dates for early decisions and regular decisions depending on the student’s choice.

The early decision can be very beneficial for students who want to confirm their seat at Vassar college so they wouldn’t have to deal with the trouble of applying to different colleges at once.

This early decision is an agreement that binds the student to being committed to just Vassar college. The regular decision is the process most students follow as it gives you the permission to apply to different colleges.

  • Early decision 1 – November 15
  • Early decision 2 –January 4
  • Regular decision – January 4

Vassar College Acceptance Rate FAQs

What Is Vassar College Admission Requirements For International Students?

International students who want to enroll to Vassar college must have necessary requirements and documents which includes, school reports and records, academic transcripts, English proficiency test scores, teacher’s evaluation, financial records, health insurance and medical form for one full academic year.

Does Vassar College Offer Financial Aid To Students?

Vassar college offers financial aid to students including international students. However, they offer need based financial aid and the students who need it must submit a separate application for it.

Does Vassar College Require Test Score?

Vassar college requires applicants to take either SAT or ACT. The average SAT score for Vassar college is 1414 on a scale of 1600. The average ACT score is 95.

How Hard Is It To Get Into Vassar College?

Getting into Vassar college isn’t hard at all. As long as you put in hard work and determination, you stand a shot at getting in.


Vassar college is a highly rated, residential and selective private school that has educated some of the most brightest and best individuals. Vassar college is one of the smallest student’s body and it offers only undergraduate degrees. When it comes to academic, the size of the school doesn’t matter as ithas made excellent academic reputation even with the low acceptance rate.


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