How to Get Sprint Student Discount in 2022

Yes, you can get the Sprint student discount now in your school and save up on some monthly expenses.

The sprint student discount is available to you whether you are a new or an old customer.

Although the discount amount is not exactly clear and seems to vary by school and partnership agreements, you should grab it if you can.

If you’re wondering, well, Sprint offers student discounts but not to all schools. 

You should check if your school is eligible to get the discounts. This means that they have a partnership agreement with Sprint.

We’ve broken down all you need to do as you read through.

So no pressure, follow the steps and get yourself the discount you deserve.

Student Discount at Sprint

Sprint Corporation was a telecommunications firm based in the United States. 

Formerly, it was the fourth-largest mobile network operator in the United States before merging with T-Mobile.

Sprint is one of the country’s largest and most dependable cell phone providers.

Generally, Sprint provides wireless voice, messaging, and broadband services.

Also, wholesale access to its wireless networks to mobile virtual network operators.

Today, Sprint boasts of a bigger and better network than ever, joined by T-Mobile.

Currently, they are channeling efforts to keep improving the 5G network and increasing performance.

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What is the Sprint student discount? 

The Sprint student discount is available to college students on monthly plan subscriptions.

Sprint offers discounted rates to students, although the discount amount is unknown. 

Generally, it varies widely between schools eligible to participate in the discounts.

Typically, the discounts are around 10%, 15%, or 20%, depending on the institution.

You’ll first need to be in a school where Sprint offers a student discount to get the students.

If you have that checked, then go on to verify your student status and get started. 

We’ll show you just how to go through this process and be set up in the following sections.

It may take a few days for your application to be approved.

However, once you get approved, you’ll be able to take advantage of special student discounts.

Does Sprint offer a student discount?

Yes, Sprint does offer discounts to students.

If you can provide the information required during validation, then you can begin enjoying special discounts.

Although Sprint has many schools and organizations with whom they partner to provide discounts, you should still check for your school’s eligibility. 

You may be able to save money if you’ve been paying full price for your cellular phone service.

If the college or university you’re attending offers Sprint to its employees, you can also get a discounted rate. 

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Who is eligible for the Sprint student discount?

Generally, the Sprint student discount is available to all who work or go to any institution where the deals reach.

In many cases, the faculty, staff, and students all get to benefit from the Sprint student discount.

You can have the most coverage and data possibilities with a Sprint discount without escalating expenses. 

If you use Sprint as your phone provider and school employee, or student, you can get a discount on the various data plans available.

As mentioned earlier, the amount of the discounts you get varies according to the provision by Sprint to your school.

How to get the Sprint student discount

Sprint is one of the country’s largest and most dependable cell phone providers.

If a discount supports your school, we’ll talk about getting onto the deal.

However, it is worthy of note that this discount is not just exclusive to students but to all members of the school’s staff.

Follow the following steps to apply for the Sprint student discount: 

#1. Visit to verify that your school is eligible for the discount. 

If your school has an agreement and is provided for, you will be notified after filling the specified fields.

#2. Enter your email address

Following successful confirmation that your school is eligible, enter your valid student or work email address. Learn how to create .edu email address if you don’t have one.

Open the email and click the verification link by the date provided.

This will activate your discount and verify your employment or student status.  

You should expect to see the discount on your bill within 1 to 2 billing cycles.

In some instances, this process may not work for you.  

However, make sure you enter your mobile phone number at before proceeding to the following steps.

#4. Upload proof documents

If you do not have a school email or work email address, you will need to upload some documentation as proof.

Some documentation like proof of enrolment, an official admission letter, or your current class schedule.

Typically, you’ll have to fax your documents to them and await approval.

#5. Register Physically

Alternatively, you can visit a local Sprint distributor with your student ID and do an in-person registration.

However, if you’d prefer not to go physically, online registration is your best bet.

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How much is the Sprint student discount?

Sprint is tight-lipped about the amount of the discount they offer; it is unclear exactly how much.

Although several figures are flying around, Sprint offers discounts on the institution they are dealing with.

For instance, they offer a 23% discount to one of their partnering institutions but a different amount for others.

Regardless, it’s always better to obtain a discount than full pay price.

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How to Get Sprint Student Discount | Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sprint offer discounts for college students?

Yes, Sprint does offer discounts to college students.

If you can provide the information required during validation, then you can begin enjoying special discounts.

The main information you require is your school’s name and your valid student email address for validation.

If the Sprint student discount is provided for your school, then your school is eligible, and you can obtain the values too.

What is the Sprint perks student discount?

Employees, students, universities, and organizations who partner with Sprint receive discounts and exclusive benefits. 

Thinking of joining Sprint? 

You have to submit your work, school, or organization email to see if you qualify for savings with Sprint Perks at

If you do qualify, you can begin receiving the Sprint perks and discount offers.

How do I know if Sprint extends special offers to my company or organization?

Go to and look up your company by typing your company email address.

You’ll then receive a prompt notifying you of eligibility. 

You also can call the line you’ll find on the site or visit any Sprint Store to find out. 

Generally, eligibility will depend on the agreement established between Sprint and your employer, school, or organization.

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When will the Sprint discount appear on my invoice?

Typically, the discount will display on your account in 1 to 2 billing cycles after verifying your details.

Does Sprint do Black Friday?

Yes. Sprint does Black Fridays, and like other service providers, they slash prices too on those days.

Are Sprint and T-Mobile the same?

Sprint and T-Mobile have teamed up to create the best wireless network in the world.

Formerly, Sprint was the fourth-largest mobile network operator in the United States.

Now, T-Mobile and Sprint have merged. They’ve just become bigger and better.

How to qualify for Sprint’s discount pricing?

To qualify for the Sprint student discount, your school or institution where you attend must be provided by Sprint.

If Sprint has an agreement with your school, then whatever the discount rate provided for your school will be what you can get.

You can apply online at

Enter your email, fill in other details, and wait for validation.

Once you get validated as a student or employee at the school, you’ll get an email with details of your discount.

How do I Validate my Eligibility for SprintStudent Discount?

To validate your eligibility, do the following: 

  • Visit
  • Enter your Sprint wireless phone number.
  • Click Continue and follow the instructions.

Does the Sprint discount apply to all wireless services?

No, to be eligible for a discount would depend on the service plan you have chosen for your phone.

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The Sprint student discount is undoubtedly one of the best ways to save money on monthly plans for your phone.

Whether you are a new customer or have been on for a while, you can benefit from this.

You can verify that your school qualifies for a discount, as we’ve already outlined above.

If you find that they do, then head on and apply.


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