How to Get Snap-on Student Discount in 2022

Let’s now deal with how to get the Snap-on student discount. Finding the best tools for work takes care and a little time. Even when you do, the cost may then be discouraging.

We’ve found one of the best manufacturers of technical tools for both learning and professional use. They even offer a dedicated student discount program to enable students to purchase their devices easily.

So if you are a technical student right now and have any ideas about furthering your career, you sure need these tools.

We’ve crafted this article for you. First, we’ll briefly discuss the Snap-on student discount, who’s eligible, and how you can get it.

Let’s get started!

What is Snap-on?

Snap-on Incorporated is an American manufacturer founded in 1920. They design, make, and market high-end tools and equipment for professional usage in the transportation industry.

Their tools also serve the automotive, heavy-duty equipment, marine, aviation, and railroad industries. In addition, you can get some Snap-on lower-end tools at lower costs under the ‘Blue-Point’ brand. 

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What is Snap-on Student Discount?

The Snap-on student discounts are available through the Snap-on Student Excellence Program (SEP).

Snap-on offers high-grade and excellent quality tools that make work easier and faster. You can get these tools at lower prices than the average shelf rate as a student.

Moreover, even after your technical training, you can progress into your professional career with the same tools. Hence, you won’t have to bother repurchasing new sets at a more expensive rate.

According to Snap-on, student price is available on all toolsets.

All hand tools, torque tools, diagnostics, and tool storage in the SEP catalog are available at student pricing.

Does Snap-on Give Student Discounts?

Yes, Snap-on does give student discounts on their premium tools.

However, as earlier stated, discounts are provided to students through the Snap-on SEP.

So you can get all tools from Snap-on at a lower rate by simply registering and placing orders.

In addition, you’ll have to place your order through the Snap-on Education account manager.

Snap-on does not frequently give discounts, so they mainly focus on helping students.

As a result, their discount is typical for students because they want you to be hooked on their premium product.

You are beginning from the start of your career and anticipating being a long-term customer.

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Who is Eligible for the Snap-on Student Discount?

To be eligible for the Snap-on student discount, you must be a full-time student and currently enrolled in an approved institution.

However, before you can get the discount, you will have to register on the Snap-on website HERE.

You will need an account on Snap-on where it can be verified that you are a student and then participate in the discounts.

What is the Snap-on Student Excellence Program? 

The Snap-on Educational Program (SEP) is a program through which technical students can access discounts at Snap-on.

Through the program, technical students can save money on professional-quality Snap-on products. 

Snap-on expects that students receive the skills and tools they require for classroom instruction.

And that they can use the same tools in their professional lives.

Who is eligible for the Snap-on Student Excellence Program?

This is very similar to asking who is eligible for the Snap-on student discount.

Mainly because the Snap-on student discount is given through their Student Excellence Program. 

Consequently, if you are eligible to register for the program, you qualify for student discounts.

Generally, the Student Excellence Program is open to all full-time students enrolled in an approved educational program.

Additionally, you must also be completing your curriculum requirements to be considered.

What Tools Can I Get at Student Discount on Snap-on?

The Snap-on student discount is available on all toolsets, hand tools, torque tools, diagnostics, and tool storage in the SEP catalog.

Once you get registered on the SEP, you can purchase any product you find in the catalog at a discounted price.

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How Can I Pay For Snap-on tools?

When buying your tools from Snap-on, you can make payments through credit or debit cards for online orders. 

Also, cash or purchase orders from your sponsoring agency are all accepted by your Snap-on Education Account Manager.

So whichever means you choose is acceptable by Snap-on.

How can you tell if a Snap-on Tool Box is genuine?

Sometimes people want to be able to verify that they are about to purchase an original toolbox.

So here are a few tips on knowing your Snap-on toolbox is real.

  • First, take note of the markings on the back of your toolbox. 
  • The first stylized number or symbol represents the year of manufacture.
  • When you compare this to the date chart on the website Collating Snap-on, you’ll notice a significant difference.
  • On the website, you’ll typically find the relevant catalog.
  • To find your product, look through the catalog.
  • Compare the specifications and content to the one you’ve purchased, and you should know.

How Much am I Allowed to Purchase?

As a student, you can buy up to $12,000 worth of tools while registered on the SEP. 

You can also purchase one roll cart or one roll cab and a top chest.

However, you should note that the $12,000 valuation is based on the list value of the products.

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How to order tools with the Snap-on student discount

Register on the Snap-on page to order online if you are eligible for a student discount.

Alternatively, you can contact your Snap-on Education Account Manager to place an order.

Your Snap-on Education Account Manager may send you material outlining the tool storage options that have been selected for special pricing as part of the SEP.

How Does Snap-on Sep work?

The Snap-on Educational Program (SEP) allows technical students to save money on professional-quality Snap-on products. 

Through the SEP, current technical students are equipped with tools for classroom learning that they can also use in their professional lives.

Moreover, as a technician-in-training, the Snap-on SEP allows you to get the tools for your tomorrow at a cheaper rate today.

You can get a discount on selected Snap-on tools if you’re enrolled full-time at a participating automotive or technical training school.

If you qualify, head on to the webpage and register with them,

Following that, you can get a Snap-on Education Account Manager or directly place orders.

Your possible orders are contained in the SEP catalog and will be discounted.

Why are Snap-on tool chests so expensive?

Snap-on boxes are expensive for a few reasons. 

Firstly, they are of excellent quality, which costs money to make. 

Then, they are larger, which creates another expense. 

Also, other factors like logistics and transportation costs are factored in too.

Finally, they are from Snap-on, which certainly adds to the price tag.

Where can I buy Snap-on Tools cheap?

Generally, pawn shops are good places to look for cheap Snap-On tools. 

So if you can’t afford the prices on some Snap-on products, try looking it out at a pawn shop.

In addition, other sources are given below:

  • Flea Markets.
  • eBay.
  • Facebook Marketplace.
  • Letgo App.
  • Craigslist

Is Snap-on Tools a Good brand?

Snap-on tools offer a pleasant and original “feel.” 

You can buy a less expensive brand that will do the job just as well.

However, if you deal with hand tools all day for a living, most professionals will choose Snap-on. They’re more convenient, and the handles don’t rip your hands up.

They are generally of top quality, with considerations given to ease of use and durability.

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How to Get the Snap-on Student Discount | Frequently Asked Questions

Is Snap-on Worth the money?

So just because a cheap tool can be replaced if it fails doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to buy one. Snap-on sells higher-quality equipment and serves better in the long term. 

You can buy a less expensive brand that will do the job just as well.

However, if you deal with hand tools all day for a living, most professionals will choose Snap-on. They’re more convenient, and the handles don’t rip your hands up.

Will Snap-on warranty old tools?

The Snap-on warranty is only valid for the original Customer and cannot be transferred or assigned to another person. 

The warranty on SNAP-ON brand hand tools (excluding torque wrenches) is a LIFETIME warranty.

This also covers tool storage units, and the warranty is for as long as you own the tool.

How much does snap on cost?

The first license fee ranges from $8,000 to $16,000.

The $16,000 initial license fee covers your initial training, which Snap-on Tools estimates will cost $3,000.

Including your technology package, which will cost $3,000, and a turnkey office supply package, $400.

Does snap-on do payment plans?

Snap-on offers a tool and equipment payment plan. 

You can buy and pay later with the Snap-on’ Six Months Same as Cash’ program.

Consequently, you can buy something that will help you right away and pay for it later with no finance charges.

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We’ve seen how to get the Snap-on student discount on the Student Excellence Program (SEP).

So if you are a student interested in buying some tools or you know someone, recommending this to them would be great.

Starting your career with high quality and the right tools will surely save you from many hassles.

At this point, you’ve gone through the main highlights of the student discount at Snap-on.

It’s time to take action; good luck all the way.


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