Skidmore College Acceptance Rate 2022: Admissions, Courses And Scholarships

Skidmore acceptance rate is moderately low but that is just proof that Skidmore college offers the premium education for anyone in the states and outside the states.

In thisarticle, we’ll discuss the necessary requirements and everything you’ll need to know about studying at Skidmore college including the Skidmore acceptance rate, tuition costs and the admission requirements needed to prepare you toincrease your chance of getting admitted.

History Of Skidmore College

Skidmore College is a high ranked private liberal arts college located in Saratoga springs, New York. It was first formed by the young women’s industrial club in 1903 as a vocational college to professionally train young women.

But after Skidmore college conferred its first baccalaureate degree under the authority of the university of the state of New York, it became a chartered independently Four year granting institution.

Skidmore college was fully established on October 1961 and the college was able to fully acquire the Jonsson campus which is about 850 acres of land on the outer edge of Saratoga springs.

The college started existing as a coeducational institute in 1971 and since then, it has been an institute that provides various opportunities to students.

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Why Choose Skidmore College?

This school has over 30 varsity teams with 44 majors across 25 departments. During the second semester of study at Skidmore College, students are usually encouraged to take education outside the classrooms by going for different internship trainings to improve their knowledge.

These internships offered to students at Skidmore college paves the way for several opportunities for the students after graduating.

Skidmore College doesn’t accredit all departments with the Bachelor of Science degree, the degree is only given to the major in arts but every other non-liberal arts course isconsidered by the college to be of a professional nature.

The students who study at Skidmore College, after one year of graduating over 75% of them are employed while the remaining 25% are pursuing a more higher education.

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What Is Skidmore College Acceptance Rate?

Skidmore college acceptance rate is 32.2%. It is one of the competitive private liberal arts college to get into as the acceptance rate is low and it makes the admission process very selective.

Skidmore acceptance rate is very low because they have so many applicants every year and they enroll just the top students.

The acceptance rate implies that for every 100 applicants, only 32 is admitted. This means Bowdoin college is just as selective as other institutions and you have to meet the expectations of the school board to stand a very good chance at getting admitted.

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Skidmore College Transfer Acceptance Rate

Skidmore college is listed as one of the easiest school to get into as a transfer student as the school wants to increase its diversity and collaboration with other institutions which is why the acceptance rate for transfer applicants who want to get in is just 41.86%.

This means that out of every 100 transfer students that applies to Skidmore college, only 42 is admitted as they have little available space left in some programs for those seeking to transfer.

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What Is Skidmore College Tuition And Fees?

Skidmore college tuition is $60,142. This tuition doesn’t cover other fees like room fees, board, books, supplies or even the student activities fee. These other fees are paid separately. However, the annual estimated total fee for students is $79,030.

Skidmore College Acceptance Rate By Major

This college is considered to be very competitive and prestigious because it offers the best education for anyone regardless of their race and class.

Skidmore college acceptance rate 2022 is 32.2% as aforementioned above but that rate does not cover all the majors. Skidmore College offers About 44 majors.

The student class ratio at Skidmore college is 8:1 which means about 71.6% of the classes have less than 20 students to aid easier learning.

Other majors like the ones listed above has the generalSkidmore acceptance rate while the most popular majors mentioned below have their own acceptance rate and this includes graduate and undergraduate majors.

  • Social sciences: 19%
  • Visual and performing arts: 14%
  • Business, management and marketing: 13%
  • Biomedical sciences and biology: 9%
  • Psychology: 9%
  • English language and literature: 7%
  • Physical sciences: 5%
  • Natural resources and conservation: 4%
  • History: 3%
  • Computer and information sciences: 3%

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Skidmore College Admission Requirements

  • A high GPA
  • 2academic teacher evaluation reports
  • Application fee of $65
  • Secondary school reports
  • Mid year report

Additional requirements for international applicants

  • English language proficiency test scores (if English is not your first language and if the high school you attended for at least three years did not use English as the only language of instruction)
  • Secondary school transcript
  • Standardized test scores (SAT/ACT results for international students who have not attended an English language based school for at least three years)
  • A complete CSS profile(this is for international students who need financial aid from Skidmore college and it allows them to request for a fee waiver)

All applicants must apply directly through the common app or the coalition application websites.

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Skidmore College Transfer Requirements

Having a full understanding of Skidmore acceptance rate for transfer student is also good but to increase you chance if being accepted as a transfer student, you must meet the basic requirements for Skidmore college.

  • Personal statement on any topic of your choice (in approximately 650 words)
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universitiesyou’ve taken a course at.
  • Final high school transcript
  • Two college instructor evaluations
  • College official report
  • Mid-term grade report
  • $65 application fee (no admission can be processed and considered until the fee is received or until a waiver request has been submitted)

To be considered for fall admission, you must apply by April 1 and to be considered for spring admission, you should apply by November 1. All applications should be done through the common app.

Skidmore College GPA Requirements  

Just as other top private colleges, Skidmore College requires a GPA. The GPA requirement for Skidmore college is 3.75. This is for first year students and for transfer students too. With a GPA of 3.75, you stand a very chance at getting into Skidmore College.

Furthermore, You’ll need to be above average in your high school class with this GPA as you’ll need it to to compete with other prospective applicants.

What Are Skidmore College Deadlines For Transfer Students?

Skidmore college accepts transfer intake for fall and spring seasons. If you want to apply to Skidmore college, the deadline for fall transfer admission application is April 1 while the deadline for springis November 1.

What Are Skidmore College Decision Dates?

The admission process for Skidmore college comes with various options. The applicants are given the choice to apply for the early decision 1, early decision 2 and regular decision.

Early decision 1

  • Deadline: November 15
  • Notification: Mid December

Early-decision 2

  • Deadline: January 15
  • Notification: Mid February

Most early decision applicants are always admitted but those who aren’t are given reconsideration for the regular decision.

Regular decision

  • The deadline for the regular decision is January 5.
  • Notification: Mid March

Other key deadline dates

Last day to covert your regular decision application to an early decision application: February 1

Regular decision enrollment deadline: May 1

Skidmore College Acceptance Rate FAQs

What Is Skidmore College Known For?

Skidmore college is known for being among the top 20 schools for great financial aid, best college theatre and great preparation for career all at an affordable price. It is also known for being one of the best value liberal arts college with award winning dorms and dining, being in a perfect college town and the almost 1000 acres of land of natural beauty.

What Popular Majors Is Skidmore College Known For?

The most popular majors Skidmore college is known for are business, psychology, political science, studio art, economics and English.

What Are The Top Rankings Of Skidmore College?

Skidmore college has been the top at many lists with several rankings which includes, the 38 best liberal arts college, 19 best school for financial aid and 30 best liberal arts college in America. These and many more ranking spots has Skidmore college been listed.

What Kind Of Students Go To Skidmore College?

The type of student that studies at liberal arts college are those that are extremely creative, problem solvers who are always ready to look at things in a different way, academically focused and open minded students. These are the kind of students you will find at Skidmore college.


Skidmore college is one of the institutions that believes that great education is cannot just be attained by the academic theory, it can also be attained by being creative and putting all you learn into practice.

At Skidmore college, most students carry interdisciplinary courses and cross disciplinary courses of study to improve their standard of learning and Skidmore college never fails to support students by either offering them internship trainings and the opportunity to study abroad.


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