How to Get Retro Fitness Student Discount in  2022

Let’s show you how to get the retro fitness student discount this year.

There are a couple of steps to take and we’ve got them all captured here.

Retro fitness is quite a popular gym outfit in the United States.

For students like you and many others who take their health and fitness seriously as should be, this is an opportunity for more.

Through the retro fitness discount for students, you get an amazingly cheap subscription.

The discount application process is straightforward and not so tasking.

Any Student qualifies for it and the retro fitness discount code is found right on the site.

In this post, we’ll quickly walk you through all the steps to take.

The perks at this gym are amazing, and you can always bring along somebody for free.

Hang on and let’s dive in.

About Retro Fitness: What is Retro Fitness?

Retro Fitness is a popular budget gym choice among Americans, with membership costs starting at $19.99 per month. 

They provide a variety of packages, and the precise cost depends on a variety of criteria, such as which plan you choose.

Retro Fitness, unlike most other gym franchises, has consistent pricing throughout practically all of its locations.

It also has a unique ability to deliver cutting-edge equipment to the general public while also catering to its specific heavy-lifting clientele. 

Retro fitness is a good choice among many for its array of equipment and smart environs.

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What is the Retro Fitness student discount?

The Retro fitness student discount is available to students of all levels.

Senior high school students, college students, and even post-graduate students.

The discounts are divided into two categories: the student Flex plans and the student Ultimate.

While the student Flex plan has a lot of perks you stand to gain, it misses out on some catchy features.

For instance, you can only get access to your local gym, which is home club access only, but the Ultimate plan gives you nationwide access.

Also, the Ultimate plan gives you unlimited guest privileges and group exercise classes too.

The subscription would normally cost $179.97 for a three-month period, however, the Retro Fitness discount makes it a lot cheaper for students.

If you apply the Retro Fitness discount code before making payment, you obtain the 3-month subscription at $89.97 for the Ultimate plane.

Similarly, the Retro fitness Flex plan becomes $69.97.

Finally, the discount allows you to also come with a buddy each time you visit the gym without any extra charges.

Who is eligible for the Retro fitness student discount?

The Retro Fitness student discount does not have a lot of requirements from students.

In fact, you could even be a high school student and get the Retro fitness discount.

Any student at any level who is above 18 is eligible for the Retro Fitness student discount.

So if you are a student and would like this discount, then find how to get it in the following sections.

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What is the Student special at Retro Fitness?

The student special is the Retro fitness student discount.

Through this offer, students can get a discount on a 3-month subscription to any of the participating locations in the U.S.

You’ll find the student special deal on the website ‘Offers’ section, which gives you a $179.99 3-month subscription for only $89.99. 

A huge perk is that you can even bring a buddy with you whenever you visit the gym.

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Which Classes Does Retro Fitness Offer?

Retro Fitness offers a good range of classes from:

  • HIIT (high-intensity interval training)
  • Zumba
  • Bootcamps
  • Yoga
  • Circuit training
  • Kickboxing
  • Cycle classes
  • Interval training

Can You Get Your Money Back When You Cancel Retro Fitness?

Retro Fitness does not accept refunds on partial payments. 

You will almost certainly be charged an early cancellation fee if you terminate your membership before your contract expires. 

However, if you change your mind within three days of signing the contract, you can avoid fines.

If you cancel within the first year but less than three days after signing, you will be charged.

The charge is typically the three-month membership equivalent of the plan you were on.

Alternatively, it could be valued at the monthly costs for the balance of your contract, whichever is less.

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How to get the Retro Fitness student discount

As easy as being eligible for the Retro Fitness student discount is, it only gets simpler.

With this discount offer, you don’t have to verify your status as a student.

All you have to do is follow this link HERE.

You will be directed to the Retro Fitness discount page and you will find the two plans that are available.

Select either of the two you would like to pay for.

It’s important to select your location on the onsite gym finder, so you can be sure that that location does participate in the program.

This is important because not all locations are REtro fitness discount participating locations.

If you find the gym closest to you, or where you would like to attend, you can put a call across to reassure yourself that they do offer student discounts.

If you are certain about those, then proceed to select a discount plan and fill out the form that comes up next.

The necessary details include your name, address, and your date of birth.

Following that you’ll find a section for your preferred payment method.

Complete the form as well, agree to the terms and conditions, complete the registration and get your membership access.

How to get Retro Fitness discount | Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Retro Fitness per month?

The fee of membership at Retro Fitness is basically the same across all locations in the United States. 

Prices mostly vary depending on the type of membership you choose at a given club.

The Retro fitness Flex bundle costs $19.99 per month, while the Core Ach cost $26.99 per month. 

Finally, the Ultimate Ach plan costs $ 29.99 monthly to renew.

However, there is also an initiation fee, you’ll have to pay either $75.99, $75.99, or $117.99 for the different plans.

Those starting fees are arranged in order from the Ultimate Ach plan, Core, and Flex plans.

You can cancel or discontinue your Retro Fitness subscription at any time without paying a cancellation fee.

How many Retro Fitness locations are there?

Retro Workout is a renowned fitness facility provider with over 120 locations serving over 500,000 members nationwide.

You can easily find the location closest to you by entering your location on the Retro Fitness Fitness ‘gym finder’ page.

How much is Retro Fitness subscription?

The Retro fitness subscription usually costs about $179.97, to begin with, however, if you are a student you get it lower.

Through the Retro Fitness student discounts, you can get this at $89.97 or $69.97 depending on the plan you choose.

Each of the subscriptions is valid for three months before having to start paying a monthly renewal fee.

Is Retro Fitness good?

Retro Fitness provides personal training, small group strength and conditioning, and team activities.

It also delivers cutting-edge equipment to the general public while catering to its specific heavy-lifting customers. 

Retro Fitness has a clean environment and is good enough to meet your gym needs.

Does Retro Fitness have a student discount?

Yes, Retro fitness does offer a student discount to students who obtain the student discount code.

The Retro fitness student discount code is on their website and simply entering it opens new price tags for you as a student.

The discount code is ‘STUDENT’.

Does Retro Fitness have classes?

Yes, Retro fitness offers classes for personnel and group training.

Retro Fitness provides personal training, small group strength and conditioning, and team activities.

Does Retro Fitness Offer Any Discounts?

The Retro Fitness website has an entire category dedicated to special offers.

You’ll find deals like the student special, which gives you a $179.99 3-month subscription for only $89.99. 

You can even bring a buddy while using this discount.

Other deals include a no-registration package and a special for first responders and military personnel.

This discount includes no enrollment charge, no annual fee, and no commitment.

What are the Benefits Retro Fitness Membership?

Retro Fitness members enjoy tanning, and the freedom to bring a friend with them at all times.

There is also a smoothie bar on-site, massage chairs, and a variety of workouts and class styles.

On top of that, you can work out at any of over 120 Retro Fitness locations, ensuring that you’ll never be without a gym!

On an individual and class-sized basis, you can choose to focus on core, yoga, cardio/HIIT, strength training, and more.

Is It Hard to Cancel Retro Fitness Membership?

Retro Fitness does not charge a cancellation fee. 

If you choose that option at your location, you will be tied into the 3- or 12-month subscriptions.

To cancel, send a letter to the club manager with your contact information so that your request can be processed.

There is a 3-day grace period between signing up for your membership and canceling it, during which you will not be charged.

In terms of cancellations, these procedures are normal across the board and maybe expected at most gyms.

How Do I Unfreeze My Retro Fitness Membership?

You can contact your club’s location to learn how to freeze and then unfreeze a membership.

Most locations will be accommodating, as a cancellation is less convenient for both parties. 

You can work with your club manager to take a time off from your club if you need it for any reason.

Is there a Retro Fitness student discount?

Yes, Retro fitness has a discount available to students who are in high school, college, or university.

The discount offers you a subscription at a very lower price compared to the usual amount.

Does Retro Fitness Offer a Free Trial? 

You can get a free visitor pass for your club location to give you a glimpse of what you stand to get.

If you want to test the waters and see what Retro Fitness is all about before making any sort of long-term commitment.

Your complimentary pass will be emailed to you, and you will display it when you arrive at your destination.

However, you may not have the opportunity to experience all facets of the gym during a one-day trial.

You could simply roam about the facilities and perhaps even speak with some staff or other gym members to get a sense of the vibe.

How can I transfer my Retro Fitness membership?

After checking into another club at least seven times in a calendar month you will be ready to be transferred.

This is only conditioned if at least 60% of those check-ins took place at the new club. 

Next month, your membership will automatically transfer to the new club.

Can I bring a guest with me with the Retro Fitness student discount?

Yes, members of Retro Fitness Ultimate are allowed to bring one guest per visit. 

At check-in, you must be present with the guest, and guests must sign in at the front desk each time they come.

Does Retro Fitness offer Personal Training?

Yes, personal training is offered at Retro Fitness.

This would mostly just assist you in achieving your health and fitness objectives. 

Pricing varies per area, so you should contact your local club for specific info.

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At Retro Fitness, what you stand to gain doesn’t end under the bench press.

From the many perks and access you get to learning groups and people’s company at the gym, it’s unending.

If you’d like to get all of this at an even lower price then the Retro Fitness discount is the way to go.

So far, you have seen how easy it is to hop on, take the bold step and start out now.


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