How to Get Metro-North Student Discount in 2022

Here’s how to get the Metro-North student discount while commuting, even as a student. Metro-North offers a wide range of discounted tickets available for even college students.

In New York, college students have a lot of commuting to do, whether for internships, part-time work, or school.

However, Metro-North student discounts are only available to elementary and secondary school students.

This article will show you other ways to save money while in transit. Some students go to and fro more often than others. Often during peak hours, they’ll have to pay more.

In light of this, we’ve organized some methods for you to get up to 15% off transport expenses. So depending on the frequency of your travels, you’d have to pick a discount ticket and enjoy your rides.

Without ado, let’s get right in.

What is Metro-North Student Discount?

The Metro-North is a suburban commuter rail service operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). It operates under a contract with the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

Metro-North serves New York City and its northern suburbs in New York and Connecticut. It also provides local train service in the Manhattan and Bronx boroughs of New York City.

However, despite its extensive network, no Metro-North student discounts are available.

Yet, even as a student, there are many ways for you to save money while riding the Metro-North.

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Does Metro-North have student discounts?

Currently, Metro-North does not offer student discounts yet. However, we’ve provided many other ways for you to save on the Metro-North.

It would help if you kept up with our site, so once a discount becomes available, we’ll let you know. And outline the Metro-North student discount application.  

Metro-North Student Discount Form

The Metro-North ticket prices can be reduced for only elementary or secondary school students. This provides a Metro-North monthly pass student discount for such students.

Generally, students under 21 who attend accredited elementary or secondary schools are eligible for discounted fares. 

These discounts can go up to a reduction of ‘a third off’ the standard monthly ticket price.

The Metro-North student discount application form can be found in the link below.

Please fill out the application and submit it to a box office. 

The school seal must be affixed to the application, which a school official must sign. However, this is a non-transferable item.

Metro-North Student Discount Ticket Prices

Different Metro-North ticket prices vary depending on your commuting locations and how often you go.

Let’s outline some of the ways to save on ticket prices effectively.

20-Trip ticket

The new 20-trip ticket provides a 20% reduction off usual peak fares. 

It can be utilized to get to or from City Zone 1 (LIRR) or Manhattan (Metro-North).

The Metro-North 20-trip can be shared by multiple people even while traveling together. 

However, this ticket can only be purchased through the MTA’s eTix app or at a ticket window. 

Additionally, it is valid for only 60 days from the purchase date.

So if you have a commuting plan that will take you around those places very often in the following months, this could save you much.

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10% monthly discount

Passengers on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North can save 10% on monthly unlimited passes.

Hence, a 10% saving from grabbing this plan could be proper for you.

Generally, this ticket comes in handy if your movement involves commuting more than 46 times a month.

10 Trip Ticket 

The 10-trip ticket is available in 10-trip peak, 10-trip off-peak, and 10-Trip intermediate (Metro-North only).

Although the 10-trip peak tickets are sold at the price of 10-peak one-way fares, the 10-trip off-peak tickets save you 15%.

Valid for ten travels between two stations on the same line outside Manhattan.

Also, they are only valid for 6 months after the date of purchase.

Moreover, it can be shared with friends and family.

City Ticket

The CityTicket, which costs $5, is suitable for one-way travel within New York City. 

CityTickets can be used during the week, not just on weekends.

Riders pay $5 to travel within New York City during off-peak hours. 

Tickets can be purchased via ticket windows or machines in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, or Queens and through the eTix app.

They can’t be used to get to or from Belmont Park, Elmont, or Far Rockaway. 

And, they are not available for purchase aboard trains.

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What Do peak and off-peak mean in train tickets?

The question that often puzzles railway newbies. What is an off-peak train ticket?

Generally, peak fares are paid during business peak hours on any weekday.

Trains arriving between 6 and 10 a.m. or departing between 4 and 8 p.m are considered within peak hours.

Also, at NYC terminals, off-Peak Fares are payable at all other hours on weekdays.

Then, all day on Saturdays and Sundays, and during the holidays.

Off-Peak tickets are semi-flexible train tickets that allow you to travel at particular times of the day.

Also, sometimes on specific days of the week or particular routes. 

These tickets are usually less expensive because they limit travel times.

They are available in a bid to avoid the dreaded ‘rush hour’ for morning and evening commuters.

How to Save Even Without the Metro-North Student Discount

One sure-fire approach to saving on ticket prices is to always purchase your ticket before boarding the train.

Consequently, they can cost $5.75 to $6.50 more than tickets purchased before boarding.

Hence, before boarding the train, purchase a ticket at any ticket machines or ticket offices to save $5.75 to $6.50 over the onboard fare. 

You can pay with cash, a major credit/debit card, a personal check, or a transit card at the ticket office.

Other ways are to get yourself a carry-on ticket that lasts for multiple rides.

How do I buy a monthly Metro-North ticket?

Metro-North has different means to purchase tickets.

Customers are urged to purchase tickets using the following options:

  • MTA eTix app. 

This mobile ticketing app allows you to buy tickets instantly from your phone or tablet. 

  • Metro-North Ticket Machines or Ticket Windows.
  • Mail & Ride is a monthly mail-in ticket service.

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Metro-North Student Discount | Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy North-Metro tickets?

The MTA eTix app on your phone is the easiest method to purchase tickets. It’s available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

However, other methods are through ticket machines or ticket windows. You could also subscribe to the mail & ride service, a mail-in ticket service.

Are all Metro-North tickets off-peak?

No, not all Metro-North tickets are off-peak. 
Off-Peak tickets are semi-flexible train tickets that allow you to travel at particular times of the day.

The tickets sold are usually more expensive than those during off-peak periods during peak hours.

What does validating a student ticket mean?

Validating a student ticket essentially entails paying a charge to allow non-students to use it. 

If you DO wish to validate your ticket, do it at the Ticket Office ahead of time (say, a week before).

How much does a student’s MetroCard cost?

A Regular MetroCard costs $5.00, while a Concession or Student MetroCard costs $3.50. 

Furthermore, at the time of purchase, a minimum of $5.00 in recharge must be applied to the MetroCard.
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How much is the Metro-North in NYC?

The prices for Metro-North tickets vary from where you are traveling and what time you intend to travel.

You should expect to pay more and less during off-peak periods if you are commuting around peak hours.

Visit the Metro-North Website HERE to check the prices or use a trip planner to find the cheapest route.

What are Metro Cards?

You can use your student MetroCard on any subway or local bus.  However, express buses do not accept student MetroCards.

Metro-North offers a wide range of discounted ticket options, including college students. 
The MetroCard is a magnetic stripe card used to pay for public transportation in New York City.

It is the most common way of payment on subways or transit buses.
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Commuting in New York can be pretty expensive, even when taking train rides.

So we have provided some of the cheapest ways for you to move around depending on how often you travel.

Although there is no Metro-North student discount yet, which is quite sad.

Using any of the means above will give you better savings prospects.

So consider your train-riding pattern, do a little homework on the above, and you’ll save money.


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