How to Get Mazda Student Discount Program in 2022

Want to get the Mazda student discount? Here’s your guide! The Mazda college program has been available for quite a while now and has helped many college students too.

Don’t leave it too soon if you want to purchase a new set of wheels.

Using the Mazda student discount or the college graduate program saves you a lot of hassle.

You can now get bonus cash from Mazda to help you buy the car through this scheme.

Usually, the first down payment is challenging for students or recent college grads, but this bails you out.

You can sign up for your car through the Mazda student discount and finish the payment in installments.

Follow through with this article, and get all the necessary guidance you’ll need to obtain this discount.

About Mazda

Mazda Motor Corporation is headquartered in Fuch, Hiroshima, and is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer.

With the introduction of the company’s first three-wheeled trucks, the moniker Mazda was born. According to the company, Mazda is derived from Ahura Mazda, the god of harmony, knowledge, and wisdom. 

“Mazda” is said to predate Western civilization and is viewed by key members of Toyo Kogyo as a sign of the origin of both East and West civilizations.

It is as well seen as a representation of automobile civilization and culture.

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What is the Mazda student discount?

The Mazda student is a discount available to college students and recent graduates of a college or university.

Through the Mazda student discount program, you get bonus cash when you purchase a Mazda car.

Usually, the most troubling part of getting some new wheels for students is the initial down payment.

The Mazda student discount solves this issue for you with a $500 bonus cash to help you get your first ride.

While this is available for all students, who are currently enrolled and pursuing a degree in a college or university.

It is also open to graduates of any degree from a college or university and is still eligible.

In the following sections, we’ll cover the detailed requirements for the Mazda student discount program.

Generally, you don’t have to pick between a great build and an economical pricing range if you’re a student looking for a vehicle. 

You can get precisely what you want at an even better price.

Please take advantage of our $500 cash bonus offer right now!

Who is eligible for the Mazda student discount?

The Mazda student discount program is open to college students who are currently enrolled and pursuing a degree or certification.

Also, it extends to recent college graduates and is commonly tagged as the Mazda college graduate program.

So with the Mazda college grad discount, if you graduated from your college program within the last 24 months, you are also eligible.

Typically, this period may vary among the different dealerships around the United States, but it’s most commonly 24 months.

However, some dealerships can go as low as 12 months, some even up to 36 months.

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What are the Requirements for the Mazda student discount?

As we’ve mentioned, you qualify for the Mazda student discount if you are currently enrolled or have just recently graduated.

Hence, both incoming and recent graduates are welcome to apply for the Mazda College Graduate Program. 

Such students should have completed an associate’s, Bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree to be eligible. 

Generally, the major requirements to fulfill are to provide proof of enrollment or graduation from your college.

Any document like a valid school ID card or a letter from the registrar indicating your studentship on the official letterhead.

Students would also be required to provide the school’s registrar’s contact number if he is contacted for verification.

Also, for graduates, a graduation letter or result statement indicating your graduation date would suffice.

Moreover, if you are a graduate, it’s necessary to have proof of employment and income details.

If you haven’t started working, you’ll need proof from a future employer that shows a start date within 90 days.

The documents should also include the salary and verbal verification from current or future employers.

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How to get the Mazda student discount

How to apply

Applications for the Mazda student discount must be submitted individually.

The Mazda college graduate program makes purchasing a new Mazda easier and less expensive. 

Although many dealerships may have slightly varying contractual terms and methods to apply, here’s a coupon of common things.

  • Your monthly installment payments cannot exceed 15% of your monthly gross salary.
  • The maximum loan or lease amount is $25,000
  • Other credit and vehicle requirements must be met.

To apply, you can visit the Mazda dealership nearest to where you attend school or work.

Follow the application steps you’ll find on the site and upload the required documents.

Alternatively, you can head out directly to the dealership office and inquire about the Mazda student program.

While you are there, you can fill out all the forms, attach the required documents and get on board right away.

What Mazda model is right for you?

Although this is entirely up to you, we’ll give you a few recommendations to meet both class and efficiency.

While any of the beautiful Mazda models on the lot will satisfy students, here are a few of the most popular choices:

The Mazda3

The Mazda3 5-Door is a sporty hatchback with a sophisticated design and plenty of cargo space. 

As a daily commuter and a student, this fuel-efficient vehicle is ideal.

The Mazda 6

On every drive, the Mazda6 is a stylish car that exudes refinement. 

You can drive with confidence in this exceptional sedan.

Generally, it is also known for its outstanding safety and technology.

The Mazda CX-3

The Mazda CX-3 is a powerful SUV capable of handling any terrain. 

For a well-rounded ride, this flexible vehicle combines the size of a modern crossover with the agility of a smaller car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can college students get the Mazda student discounts?

Yes, college students can access and get the Mazda student discount.

You qualify if you are a full-time or part-time college student.

Generally, first-year students, sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students, and even Recent Graduates can benefit from it.

Which school can get the Mazda student discount?

All accredited colleges and universities in the United States are eligible for the Mazda student discount.

Community Colleges, private schools, and public colleges that have properly been accredited qualify for the discount.

What are the Requirements for the Mazda student discount? 

The following requirements are usually encountered while applying for the Mazda student discount.

  • Proof of enrollment for current students or a letter from the registrar.
  • A phone number for the registrar at your school.
  • A transcript or a copy of your diploma for graduates
  • You must show proof of employment and salary info.
  • Alternatively, a proof that you will begin working within 90 days of applying for the discount. The document must contain salary info from your employer.
  • Present or future employer with verbal confirmation of employment.

Who can apply for the Mazda student discount?

The Mazda college graduate program is available to students who will graduate within six months or those who have graduated.

If you have graduated already, you are eligible if your application should be within 24 months after graduating.

In either case, you must be pursuing or hold a Bachelor’s, master or Associate’s Degree from any U.S. accredited two or 4-year college.

Additionally, nursing school and trade school students are also eligible for the Mazda student discount.

What document do I need for the Mazda student discount?

To get the Mazda student discount, you’ll need to submit your enrollment or graduation proof.

The documents can be a diploma, a letter from the registrar’s office, or a transcript.

Often, proof of employment and substantial income is also required from graduate applicants.

Who is Eligible for the Mazda college graduate Program?

The Mazda college graduate program provides a discount on car purchases to all recent graduates from a college or university.

Eligible students must be within six months of graduation or have graduated in the last 24 months.

They must either pursue or hold Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Associate Degree from any U.S. accredited two or 4-year college.

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So would you like a new car to drive around?

Or better still, would you like a discount on it and have someone else make your first payment?

Then you should consider getting on the Mazda student discount program and save as much as you can.

Through this discount, owning a new car became a lot easier, and you can do so without breaking the bank.


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