Embry Riddle Acceptance Rate 2022: Admissions, Courses And Scholarships

The Embry Riddle acceptance rate is high and somewhat selective. There is a significant increase in the acceptance rate each year andthis increase is causedby the increased number of applicants, with over 10,000 applications every year.

Embry Riddle acceptance rate of 2022 is proof that the competition to get in is quite extreme even with the high acceptance rate. If you’re thinking about applying to this college, be sure to fulfill the basic requirements during your application.

In this article, everything you need to know about this institutionhas been carefully listed down and explained. It covers the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical university acceptance rate 2022, average GPA and every other necessary information.

Brief History of Embry Riddle University

Embry Riddle aeronautical university is a private institution which was founded in 1926 at lunken field, Cincinnati.

It first started as a regular company which was found by Talton Higbee Embry and John Riddle but in spring 1926, the company established the Embry Riddle School of aviation which was closed down and was later re-established by John graham and his wife.

Embry Riddle University is located in Dayton beach, Florida and the second campus which is about 2 hours drive is at Prescott, Arizona.

The College is set on a urban residential campus of about 850 acres. Embry Riddle University is known for its expansion and development of various aviation programsand several related space programs.

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Why Choose Embry Riddle University?

Embry Riddle University is a leading aviation and aerospace university that has never failed to provide excellent education to its students.

Embry Riddle University is widely recognized as the largest accredited university system that specializes in aerospace and aviation courses. It offers numerous online programs and several academic programs offered at different satellite locations.

The university enrolls over 33,000 undergraduate and graduate students each season and the non profit institution is accredited as a level VI institution by the southern association of colleges and schools to award several degrees at the associate, masters, bachelors and doctoral level of education.

The Embry Riddle University is a home to allas it ensure to support the students with various research, development and corporate outreach in their education.

The campus has several resource labs including the Robertson crash lab, advanced engineering, scientific lab and forensic resources lab. These and many more labs to improve learning aid are all available at Embry Riddle University.

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What is Embry Riddleuniversity Acceptance Rate?

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical university acceptance rate is on the high side going with a rate of 62.7% for the Class of 2023. This means that for every 100 students who apply, only 63 will be offered admission.

The competition to get into Embry Riddle University cannot be compared to that of other aeronautical institution, but it is worth it for those who are lucky enough to be accepted.

What Is Embry Riddle University Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical university is one of the most selective colleges in the United States, with an acceptance rate of just 61.34%.

Even with this high transfer acceptance rate, if you’re thinking about transferring to Embry Riddle, you’ll need to have strong grades and test scores to be considered.

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What Is Embry Riddle University Tuition And Fees?

Embry Riddle University is one of the institutions with the least cost of attendance. The tuition for Embry Riddle University is $11,185. However, most tuition fees are paid per credit hour. Below is the estimated cost of studying at Embry Riddle University.

  • Tuition – $11,185
  • Room – $5,528
  • Board – $3,584
  • Books and supplies – $1,200
  • Personal – $1,784
  • Transportation – $3,012
  • Total – $26,293

Embry Riddle University Acceptance Rate By Major

This Aeronautical university offers 33 undergraduate degrees which is concentrated into 21 majors within 13 really broad field of study.

Embry Riddle University is a moderately selective school, with an acceptance rate of just 62.7%. But you should know that it doesn’t apply to all majors, what does that mean?

If you’re applying to Embry Riddle your admissionconsideration will vary depending on your chosen major.However, this doesn’t apply to all majors.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Embry Riddle university acceptance rate by major:

  • Aeronautics, aviation, aerospace science and technology, general: 37%
  • Aerospace, aeronautical and space engineering/aeronautical engineering: 18%
  • Mechanical engineering: 7%
  • Businessadministration, management and operations: 7%
  • Homeland security: 6%

As you can see above, your major’s acceptance rate can have a noticeable impact on your admissions prospect at Embry Riddle University.

So if you’re set on applying to this school, be sure to choose a major that you know you have a very good chance of being admitted to.

The other majors are specified on the school’s website and you can find the website link at the end of this article.

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Embry Riddle University Admission Requirements

In order to be accepted into Embry Riddle University, there are specific requirements that must be met and if you don’t meet these requirements, even with the high Embry Riddle acceptance rate, you still wouldn’t get admitted.

All prospective applicants must have all the basic requirements below to be considered for admission.

  • Complete application using the school’s official website
  • Non refundable application fee of $50
  • High school diploma/transcripts
  • SAT/ACT score (not compulsory but recommended)
  • Admission essay
  • Resume

Additional Requirements For International Students

  • Recommendation letters
  • Personal essay
  • Standardized test scores (compulsory)
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Proof of immunization/medical records
  • Copy of passport’s identification page
  • Bank statement showing all the available finances
  • A current resume that consists of all professional and educational achievements

Requirements For Graduate Students

  • $50 application fee
  • Official transcripts
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • Minimum GMAT score of 550
  • GRE score of above 50% benchmark
  • Proof of English proficiency (for international students)

All applications must be done through the school’s website and failure to do that will lead to a rejected Admission.

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Embry Riddle University Transfer Requirements

To be eligible to attend this prestigiousinstitution as a transferredstudent, you must also have the basic requirements needed from you by the school.

  • Application fee of $50
  • Official college and high school transcripts
  • SAT scores
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • 2 Letters of recommendation (faculty member or an employer)
  • Personal essay
  • Interview (not mandatory but recommended)

Embry Riddleuniversity GPA Requirements

Embry Riddle university has very high academic standards and requires a 3.89 GPA or higher to be accepted as a student.

What Are Embry Riddle University Deadlines?

Embry Riddle has several deadlines that all applicants must be aware of. Some deadlines are given for specific programs or courses, while others are for general admission to the college.

This university accepts intakes for two seasons which is the spring and fall season.


  • Fall deadline: January 15
  • Spring deadline: November 1


  • Fall deadline: June 1
  • Spring Deadline: October 1

International applicants are expected to apply for admission at least 90 days before the classes commence for the season.

What Are Embry Riddle University Decision Dates?

Embry Riddle is one of the few private universities that doesn’t have an exact decision dates. However, it offers a rolling admission for both regular decision applicants and early decision applicants.

It takes up to four weeks from the application deadline to get a final decision from this institution.

Embry Riddle Acceptance Rate 2022 FAQs

Is Embry Riddle University Hard To Get Into?

Embry Riddle admissions are moderately selective, with an acceptance rate of 62.7%. Half the applicants admitted to Embry Riddle have a SAT score between 1360 and 1510 or an ACT score of 30 and 34. However, some admitted applicants achieved scores above these ranges. So getting into Embry Riddle university is not hard, you just need to have good scores and you’re good.

Does Embry Riddle University Offer Scholarships?

Embry Riddle University offers scholarships automatically based on everything an applicant submits during the admission process. This includes test scores, transcripts, resume, recommendation letter and of course your personal essay. This alone should tell you how important the requirements for this university are.

What Factors Are Considered In Embry Riddle Admission Decisions?

The factors considered in any student’s application in Embry Riddle is the transcript from another institution/high school, AP IB honor classes, extracurricular activities, recommendation letters and personal essay.

What Is Embry Riddle University Known For?

Embry Riddle is known for being one of the nation’s largest most prestigious accredited institution that mainly specializes in aerospace and aviation.


Embry Riddle aeronautical universityis recognized as the largest oldest aviation focused institution in the world with an enrollment of over 10,000 applicants each year and there are over 30,000 students currently studying at Embry Riddle University.

It is important to note that each Embry Riddle campus has its own independent department and the admission decision varies depending on which campus you’re applying to. I’ll leave you with the website for the appropriate admission departments so you don’t miss out on any important information.


worldwide.erau.edu – Degrees And Programs Available At Embry Riddle University

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