10 Best Driving Schools in Delaware in 2022

Best Driving Schools in Delaware: Driving schools are your number one stop for learning to drive and get your permit.

Whether you’re new to the state or simply need a refresher course on safe driving this guide is your starting point.

Thus, enrolling in an accredited driver’s education program can help build your confidence and reduce your risk of an accident on the road. 

We’ve covered the best driving schools there are in Delaware and provided answers to many of your questions too.

We also have sub-lists of driving schools across different cities in Delaware.

So we’ll likely cover your city or a nearby one. Let’s get started with some basic info, right!?!

How Much Do Driving Schools Cost in Delaware?

Driving Schools in Delaware

As with other states, driving schools in Delaware have their own prices depending on the program they offer and prevailing market value.

While other states may be cheaper on average compared to Delaware, you’re sure to find some budget-friendly ones.

To begin with, online courses are allowed in Delaware and would typically range between $50 to $200. 

On the other hand, classroom training is also available and can go up to $1,500 at some driving schools.

Notwithstanding, you’ll get driving schools in Delaware charging around $566 on average.

Similarly, hourly rates are also available for hands-on road practice.

Most driving schools in Delaware have an hourly rate between $60 and $15.

However, the amount you pay could also be influenced by the state and reputation of the driving schools.

Besides some are apparently more equipped than others.

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How Do I Choose the Right Driving School in Delaware?

Just any driving school won’t be the best for you. Typically, you’d like to consider the method of teaching, quality of the school, proximity, and pricing.

Finding the best for you may seem a bit tasking, but here are a few points to watch out for while choosing.

Firstly, do you prefer learning from a device online at your own pace or are you more focused in a classroom?

This helps decide whether an online course will be the best for you or being in a class.

Online courses are best judged by ratings and reviews they’ve received from users so e sure to check out those.

Should you, however, opt for an in-class session, the instructors’ qualifications at the driving school are paramount. 

While some cheap schools will hire unqualified instructors, review the reviews of the one you choose and take a step to look up their certifications too.

Find out if they are known to hire experienced and qualified instructors or not. 

Also, consider whether the cost is within your budget and not outrageous.

Finally, ensure the school is authorized by the state to operate.

Keep these thoughts in mind and Wade through selecting the best driving school in Delaware for yourself.

How Long is Driving School in Delaware?

As with most states, driving school in Delaware doesn’t take too long to complete.

While there are different schedules among schools, the Delaware state-approved driver’s education must consist of at least 30 hours of classroom instruction.

Similarly, you are expected to receive at least 7 hours of in-car behind-the-wheel instruction and seven hours of in-car observation.

There are several offerings among driving schools in Delaware on timing and schedules for you to consider.

You should take a program from a school closely matching your availability.

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List of the Best Driving Schools in Delaware

Here’s a ranking of the best driving schools in Delaware for old and new drivers alike.

We have considered similar tips on how to choose the right driving schools to select these ones.

Without further ado, let’s get to the list of best driving schools in Delaware.

  • Wilmington Driving School
  • American Driver Training Academy
  • Willy Driving School
  • Smith & Solomon Driver Training
  • Interstate Training Alliance, LLC
  • Safe Driving School LLC
  • AARP Smart Driver
  • AAA Mid Atlantic
  • Driving University
  • Rommel Motorsports

#1. Wilmington Driving School

Wilmington Driving School stands out as one of the best among Delaware driving schools.

As a matter of fact, Wilmington prioritizes your learning journey.

As a result, the instructors email you a progress report at the conclusion of each lesson.

And if you’re a parent, you’ll get a similar mail on your child’s progress.

This helps you assess your weakness and work to improve. You’ll also be glad to know your strengths and how far you’ve learned.

Visit School Here 

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#2. American Driver Training Academy

This academy shines balanced against many truck driving schools in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

You can start your career as a commercial truck driver in just four short weeks. 

You’re sure to learn the best over-the-road (OTR) trucking best practices, and driving techniques.

Visit School Here 

#3. WIlly Driving School

Willy Driving School provides you with premium driving instructions.

Typically, the class sizes are about 15 students. You’ll get certified following successful completion of the program.

What’s more, this is your go-to spot if you are interested in riding motorbikes.

The instructors are professional, certified, and experienced.

Visit School Here 

#4. Smith & Solomon Driver Training

Smith & Solomon has a wide range of driver training in Delaware.

These include forklift training and Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) instruction.

Overall, they are well recognized and deal with businesses and governmental organizations as well.

Visit School Here 

#5. Safe Driving School LLC

Presently, all courses at Safe Driving School are held in person. 

Your learning is well structured and aimed at bringing you up to speed as soon as possible.

You can also book an appointment for behind-the-wheel instruction and testing scheduled. 

Even if you can’t make it, your appointment can be rescheduled to fit. 

Visit School Here 

#6. Interstate Training Alliance, LLC

This is undoubtedly one of the best driving schools in Delaware.

The instructors here are former state troopers and members of the emergency services.

Others are experts on driving safety as well.

You can take any of their courses online for both advanced or basic.

It typically holds over a zoom call with a live instructor.

Visit School Here 

#7. AAA Mid Atlantic

Driving is an adventure with AAA.

They offer an online driver’s education program for learners in Delaware.

It is state approved and plays a crucial part in helping you become ready for this adventure.

In effect, the online course seeks to establish and reinforce lifelong safe driving practices. 

Look them up and begin your adventures.

Visit School Here 

#8. AARP Smart Driver

AARP has a self-paced & online course for you to learn driving in Delaware.

So far, you have 60 days to finish the course after you’ve paid.

The course centers on defensive driving and teaches you how to drive safely using methods that have been proven effective.

For instance, how to cut down on driving distractions.

Similarly, how to keep the appropriate following distance from another vehicle and more.

Visit School Here 

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#9. Driving University

Driving University makes our list of the best driving schools in Delaware too.

It is also approved by the Delaware Department of Insurance.

This driving school offers an online course to expose you to defensive driving strategies among other things.

As usual, it is self-paced and can be taken anywhere.

Visit School Here 

#10. Rommel Motorsports

Rommel Motorsports makes the list as well. 

Visit the site if you want to buy a bike or learn to ride one. Rommel sports covers you on all sides.

Class schedules are easy to fit into your style and engagements too.

Visit School Here 

How Many Driving Classes Do I Need?

You must successfully complete a driver’s education course that has been approved by the state before you can apply for your learner’s permit. Your high school offers free driver’s ed classes that have been given the seal of approval by the Delaware Department of Education.

Truck Driving Schools in Delaware

Generally, truck driving schools in Delaware are a great experience as you’d find.

By and large, many of them serve learners of different experience levels.

They’ll be good even if you just need a refresher course.

Here are some of the top truck driving schools in Delaware.

  • American Driver Training Academy
  • Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training
  • Nissi Driving School
  • Wilmington Driving School
  • 160 Driving Academy of Delaware

What are the Driving schools in Dover DE?

Here are some of the best driving schools for you if you stay in Dover or its surroundings.

  • Leeto Driving School
  • Wilmington Driving School
  • Kumba Driving School
  • Maxwell’s Driving School

What are the Driving Schools in Newark DE?

Newark is the largest city in New Jersey. The City of Newark is well known for being an accepting and diverse neighborhood. 

Generally, the residents, companies, and administration prioritize helping others.

Surely, you’ll find a driving school in Newark to receive and train you well.

Check out some of the best Newark driving schools:

  • Smith and Solomon driver training
  • Premier Driving School
  • Safe Driving School
  • Dream Drive Exoctics
  • 160 Driving Academy

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What are the Driving Schools in Wilmington DE?

Wilmington is North Carolina’s port city. The city is filled with many historic sights and dotted with eateries, galleries, and stores. Learning to drive in Wilmington is a great experience.

Here are some driving schools in Wilmington.

  • Safe Driving School
  • Nissi Driving School
  • Willy’s Driving School
  • Delaware Defensive Driving, Inc.

Best Driving Schools in Delaware Frequently Asked Questions

Is driver ed required in Delaware?

Driver’s education is not required in Delaware. However, they are necessary to apply for your license at an early age.
If you are 16 years or not yet an adult then you’ll have to take driver’s education classes to get your permit.

When can I take the driver’s ed in Delaware?

You can take your driver’s education once you’ve reached 16 in Delaware.
You’ll be eligible to obtain your driver’s permit following the completion of your classes.

Can I get my license at 18 without a permit in Delaware?

You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a Delaware driver’s license. 
If you are at least 16 years of age you can join the Graduated Driver License (GDL) program and apply for a Level One Learner’s Permit.

How many hours do you need to get your license in Delaware?

For the first 6 months of driving, an adult must ride with the teen any time he or she is driving. The adult must be at least 25 years old and have had their license for at least 5 years. Your teen must drive at least 50 hours in those 6 months, including 10 hours at night


Delaware driving schools are among the best both state-wide and in the US. It’s thrilling to get behind the wheels and be in control, but getting adequate training is worth your while.

This article has covered several possible alternatives for you to consider. So take your time and make your pick. Have a great time driving!!



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