Bowdoin College Acceptance Rate 2022: Admission, Courses And Scholarships

Bowdoin Collegeis for individuals who would like to study at one of the best liberal arts college in the states. Bowdoin acceptance rate is extremely low but that is just proof that Bowdoin college only enrolls the best students as it is one of the most prestigious university in Maine.

This article has been put together to cover everything you’ll need to know about studying at Bowdoin college including the Bowdoin acceptance rate, tuition costs and the requirements needed to study at Bowdoin college.

History of Bowdoin College

Maine in the the United States boasts of having one of the most diverse liberal arts college. Bowdoin college was found in 1794 and it is one of the oldest institution of higher education that was once a part of the commonwealthof Massachusetts.

This college was a founding member of an athletic conferencewhich is the New England small college athletic conference and it was initially charteredin 1794 when it was still a part of the common wealth.

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Why Choose Bowdoin College?

This school has over 30 varsity teams with40 majors across 23 departments and the Bowdoin college acceptance rate is quite low which makes it hard to get into.

During the first semester of study in Bowdoin College, students complete a core curriculumand they make the most of the fun activities available at Bowdoin like rowing, curling, alpine skiing andit makes lifebetter for students who study there.

The students are given the opportunity to declare a major during spring of every sophomore year.

The school offers over 80 graduate programs and 110 undergraduate courses for students on campus, lectures that go above and beyond to help students and it gives the opportunity for international students to learn freely without racism or ethnic diversity.

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What Is Bowdoin College Acceptance Rate 2022?

Bowdoin acceptance rate is 9.2%. It is one of the hardest private universities to get into as the acceptance rate is low and it makes the admission process very selective and competitive.

Bowdoin college acceptance rate 2022 is very low because they have so many applicants every year and they enroll just the top students.

The acceptance rate implies that for every 100 applicants, only 9isadmitted. This means Bowdoin college is just extremely selective and you have to meet the high expectations of the school board and trustees to stand a very good chance at getting admitted.

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What Is Bowdoin Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Bowdoin College is the hardest to getinto as a transfer student which is why the acceptance rate for transfer applicants and students who want to get in is just1.29%.

This means that out of every 100 transfer students that applies to Bowdoin college, only 2 is admitted as they have just little available space left for those seeking to transfer.

What Is Bowdoin College Tuition?

Bowdoin college tuition is $60,952. This tuition doesn’t cover other fees like room fees, board, books, suppliesor even thestudent activities fee. These other fees are paid separately. However, the annual total fee for all students is $80,390+.

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What Is Bowdoin College Acceptance Rate By Major?

This college is considered to be very competitive and prestigious because it offers the best education for anyone regardless of their race and ethnicity. Bowdoin acceptance rate is 9.2% as aforementioned above but that rate does not cover all the majors. Bowdoin offers a degree in over 40 majors.

Asides that, Bowdoin gives privilege to the students to create an interdisciplinary major. The majors available at Bowdoin college includes;

  • Africana studies
  • Anthropology
  • Art history
  • Asian languages
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Classics
  • Computer science
  • Earth and oceanographic science
  • Economics
  • English
  • Francophone studies
  • Geology
  • Gender, sexuality and women’s studies
  • German
  • Government and legal studies
  • Hispanic studies
  • History
  • Italian studies
  • Neuroscience
  • Latin American, Caribbean and Latino studies
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Romance literature and language
  • Russian
  • Sociology
  • Theatre and dance
  • Visual arts

The student class ratio at Bowdoin college is 8:1 which means about 78.3% of the classes have less than 20 students. Other majors like the ones listed above has a Bowdoin acceptance rate of 9.2% while the most popular majors mentioned below have their own acceptance rate and this includes graduate and undergraduate majors.

  • Econometrics and quantitative economics: 18%
  • Mathematics, general: 10%
  • Environmental studies: 8%
  • Neuroscience science: 8%
  • Political science and government, general: 18%
  • English language and literature, general:6%
  • Computer science: 5%
  • History, general: 7%
  • Education, general: 6%
  • Biology, biological sciences, general: 6%

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Bowdoin College Admission Requirements

  • A high GPA
  • A good SAT/ACT score
  • 3 recommendations from a teacher, counselor and a clergy or a community member
  • High school transcript
  • Application essays
  • Application fee of $65 or request for fee waiver if you’re a financial aid student or a first-generation-to-college student
  • Personal statements
  • Proof of financial records
  • Health insurance and medical reports
  • School reports
  • Early decision candidate transcript (for early decision applicant)
  • Official school transcript at mid year

Bowdoin College Transfer Requirements

Apart fromhaving afullunderstanding of Bowdoin acceptance rate for transfer students, Bowdoin also requires some documents for consideration into their elite college.

  • College transcript
  • College report
  • Past high school transcript
  • Personal statement and essay
  • College academic evaluation which comprises of 2 reference letters from professors, lecturer or instructor
  • English proficiency test scores

What Is Bowdoin College GPA Requirement?

Just as other top private colleges, Bowdoin College requires a GPA. The GPA requirement for Bowdoin College is 3.93. This is for first year students and for transfer students too. With a GPA of 3.93, you stand a chance at getting into Bowdoin even if the acceptance rate is 9.2%.

Furthermore, You’ll need a GPA of 3.93 to compete with other prospective applicants and you must excel in all your classes and studies as Bowdoin college only accepts the best students.

What Are Bowdoin College Deadlines?

Bowdoin college accepts intake for fall alone. If you want to apply to Bowdoin college, the deadline for fall admission application is January 5th. Students who apply successfully should expect to receive an admission decision by early April.

What Are Bowdoin Collegedecision Dates?

The admission process for Bowdoin college comes with various options. The applicants are given the choice to apply for early decision and regular decision.

Early decision

Bowdoincollege doesn’t offer the early action but early decision tostudents. Before applying through the early decision, you must agree that you will attend this college if you are given admission.

The early decision has its own acceptance rate of 22% for the prospective students instead of the overall Bowdoin acceptance rate of 9.2%.

The early decision date is November 15.  Most early decision applicants are always admitted but those who aren’t are given deferred reconsideration for the regular decision.

Regular decision

The deadline for the regular decision is January 5.

Bowdoin College Acceptance Rate FAQs

What Is Bowdoin College Known For?

Bowdoin acceptance rate is 9.2% and it is widely known for having a very low acceptance rate. Bowdoin college is also known for being one of the nation’s best liberal arts college and performing well historically through the rankings. They are also known for accepting only the best students and producing leading humanitarians, scholars and innovators.

Is Bowdoin College A Part Of The Ivy League?

Bowdoin college is not a part of the Ivy league schools but still fits other Ivy league institutions. Bowdoin college has an outstanding curriculum as the school provides Its students with excellent research, experiences and amenities which is quite comparable with those of the Ivy league. The capabilities and the quality of education offered in this college still reaches the standards of the Ivy league.

How Do I Get Into Bowdoin College?

To be plainer, there isn’t a more better way of getting into Bowdoin college than having high school records, high GPA and having the highest level of coursework. Bowdoin College looks at the choice of coursework and student’s grade history as one of the evidence of the student’s academic potential.

Does Bowdoin College Offer Scholarship?

Bowdoin college does not offer a merit based scholarship, instead of that, it offers a need based financial aid. It offers really good financial grant to it’s prestigious students. They analyze ever student’s  eligibility for financial aid by going through the family’s assets, household and income information.


Bowdoin college is an highly recognized as one of the best liberal arts college in the state of Maine, USA. This college has an annual enrollment of over 2045 undergraduate students even though the first set of students in 1802 was just eight.

The college continued to grow every year with the help of the past students that played so many important roles in the school’s history.

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