15 Best Boarding Schools In Texas, USA | 2023

Best boarding school in Texas; Are you searching for affordable boarding schools in Texas to enroll your kid? Here are the top 15 boarding schools in Texas, both private and public.

For most kids, school is where they socialize, and as a parent, you want to give your child the best.

Boarding schools help a child’s total development, including time management and balancing other aspects of the kid’s life( social life and otherwise). For this reason, parents have preferences on the type of boarding school they’d want for their kids.

Nevertheless, there are different types of boarding schools in Texas that fit everyone’s taste, either Christian, military, catholic, or non-Christian, as the case may be.

This post provides detailed information on the boarding schools in Texas, including the cost.

Let’s get started!

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Why Should I Study In A Boarding School?

As I stated earlier, studying in a boarding school can help a child’s total development. They will learn to be independent and also improve in time management.

Furthermore, attending a boarding school can help improve the child’s academic life because they are in an educational environment. Thus, less distraction.

Again, boarding schools help prepare for the child’s future when going to college as the child has already learned to be independent.

What Is The Right Age For A Child To Attend A Boarding school?

The best age for a child to attend boarding school is 12 because, at this age, the child is believed to have some maturity.

However, some kids get to a certain level of maturity at the age of 10/11.

Therefore, before enrolling your child in a boarding school, ensure they are ready.

Why Should I Attend A Boarding School In Texas?

However, boarding schools in Texas ensure that the child’s complete development is achieved.

Generally, boarding schools help students grow mentally, socially, and physically.

How Much Is The Cost Of Boarding Schools In Texas?

The cost of boarding schools in Texas varies. One major determining factor is the type of school.

For example, the cost of a private school would not be the same as that of a boarding school, as it will cost more likewise a military school.

In addition, equipment or other services can influence the institution’s cost. 

In summary, the average boarding school cost is $38,850. Meanwhile, some institutions’ tuition may cost $20,000, while the expensive schools may charge $60,000.

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15 Best Boarding Schools In Texas, USA

In Texas, there are numerous boarding schools. 

However, In this guide, we’d only list the 15 of their best schools. And this ranking is based on certain factors such as;

  • Admission rate: This is the rate at which applicants/students are accepted into the school.
  • Tuition: The cost of boarding schools is also a factor used to rank.
  • Student enrollment: This is the number of students enrolled in the school. This is the least factor that is being used to rank the boarding schools in Texas.

#1. The Hockaday School, Texas

Acceptance Rate: 19%

Tuition: $61,621

Student Enrollment: 1090

This private boarding school is an all-girls school in Dallas, Texas. 

However, the boarding school is for girls from grades 8-12, while the day school is from pre-kindergarten to grade 12.

Hockaday School believes in girls and thus provides the requirements such as classes and curriculum to give them the opportunity and confidence they need and prepare them for college.

#2. Amerigo Houston Saint Pius X High School

Acceptance Rate: 50%

Tuition: $62,850

Student Enrollment: 573

This is a catholic co-ed private boarding school in Houston, Texas, where the students explore their interests and gain university credit. This school has about 20 athletic teams and other advanced facilities.

#3. St Stephen’s Episcopal School

Acceptance Rate: 54%

Tuition : $63,340

Student Enrollment: 694

This private co-ed Christian boarding school is for grades 6-12 in Austin. Of 694 students, 523 are day students, and 171 are boarding students.

Again, it’s a college preparatory school with various athletic teams. 

This school ensures your child’s development emotionally, socially, mentally, and academically. St Stephen is the right choice for your child.

#4. The Village School

Student Enrollment: 1750 students

Tuition : $70,800

Acceptance rate: 50%

This is a private co-ed boarding school; it is also a nonreligious boarding school with an average class size of 18 students. However, the boarding school only allows students in grades 7-12. 

In addition, this school also accepts international students and innovates teaching methods, particularly in maths and science. 

Therefore, this school might be the right one for your child who has difficulties in any of these subjects. 


#5. TMI Episcopal School

Acceptance Rate: 85%

Tuition: $44,840

Student Enrollment: 432

This boarding school is a co-ed preparatory school for San Antonio students in grades 6-12.

This school has a military tradition. Thus, if you don’t want to send your child to a military school but would like them to be disciplined militarily, this school is the best option.


#6. San Marcos Academy

Acceptance Rate:80%

Tuition: $31,500

Student Enrollment:333

This is one of the best private boarding schools in Texas. It is a co-ed Christian boarding school that prepares students for college life.


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#7. The Brook Hill School 

Acceptance Rate:80%


Student Enrollment:680

The Brook Hill School is one of Texas’s best Christian boarding schools. It is a co-ed school that prepares the student for college.

Furthermore, the school also emphasizes three pillars, education, potential, and character. Therefore, this school ensures that their student performs exceptionally well and heads to college. 


#8. Marine Military Academy 

Acceptance Rate:98%


Student Enrollment:261

This is a military boarding school in Texas for all boys.

It transforms today’s young men into tomorrow’s leaders.

Again, this school provides a structured environment that fosters the child’s development.


#9. Thrive Girls Ranch & Home

Acceptance Rate: 98%

Tuition: Affordable 

Student Enrollment: Not Specified.

Furthermore, This is a Christian boarding school for girls in Texas. It is a boarding school for troubled youth.

This school ensures your child gets academically sound, morally upright, and socially responsible. 

The intriguing part is that all these services are offered at a very affordable cost.


#10. New Hope Boys Home

Acceptance Rate: 97%

Tuition: N/A

Student Enrollment: N/A

This school is the best for your child if he exhibits any mischievous character you can’t handle. Of course, it’s a school for just boys. But, it’s one of the best boarding schools for troubled youth.


#11. North Central Texas Academy

Acceptance Rate: Not specified 


Student enrollment: 180

North Central Texas Academy is a boarding, day, and international Christian school. This school is very active in sports and arts. Hence, this school is the best choice if your child is affiliated with sports or arts.


#12. Marble Falls First Baptist Christian School

Acceptance Rate: Not specified 

Tuition: Not specified 

Student Enrollment: 186

This is a private Christian boarding school in Texas. It is also a co-ed boarding school with good interaction between teachers and pupils.

Furthermore, the teachers have extensive teaching experience in public and private institutions, and the administration is well-organized and well-structured.


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#13. Allen Academy

Acceptance Rate: Not specified 


Student Enrollment: 340

With a student-teacher ratio of 6:1, Allen Academy is one of Texas’s top co-ed boarding schools. They instill adaptability, integrity, and so many values in their students. 


#14. Jefferson Christian School

Acceptance rate: Not specified 

Tuition: Not specified 

Student Enrollment: 30

This school is a highly rated private Christian school in Texas. With a student ratio of 5:1.After graduation, 75% of students from this school go on to attend a 4-year college.


#15. Texas Christian School

Acceptance Rate: Not specified


Student Enrollment:290

Texas Christian School is a private boarding Christian school. It is a college preparatory school with a student-teacher ratio of 8:1. After graduation, 98% of students from this school go on to attend a four-year college.


Frequently Asked Questions About Boarding Schools In Texas

Are There free boarding schools for troubled youth in Texas?

Here are schools you can enroll your child with mischievous characteristics that will transform their lives;

Waterford Country School.
Caribbean Mountain Academy.
Master’s Ranch – East.
Master’s Ranch – West.
Whetstone Boys Ranch.
Victory Boys Academy.

Are there boarding schools in Texas with dorms?

Yes, the list of boarding schools mentioned above comes with dorms.

Are there boarding schools in Dallas-fort worth Area, Texas?

Boarding schools in the Fort Worth area include;

International Leadership Of Texas.
Texas Torah Institute.
Alcuin School.
Cadence Academy Preschool.
Montessori Children’s House and School.


Your child’s education should be your top priority, and this article lists good boarding schools in Texas. Moreover, the lists are in different categories, military, private and public.

Furthermore, this article categorizes them as co-ed, just boys or only girls, and troubled youth.

Select one of the numerous schools mentioned in this post that suits your child perfectly.


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