10 Best Christian Schools In Utah 2023

Do you wish for your child to benefit fully from attending a Christian school/university? This article provides you with information on the best Christian schools in Utah.

Utah is a state in the Mountain West sub-region of the Western United States.

The state has a reputation for having a good standard of living, little crime, and stunning scenery.

Furthermore, With an overall score of the 11th most educated state in America, Utah is ranked eighth for educational quality and eleventh for educational attainment.

Therefore, with this article, you’d be able to select the best Christian schools in Utah for your child. Also if you’re a high school graduate, deciding on the best Christian universities/colleges would be made easier.

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Are there Christian Schools in Utah?

There are many K–12 public, charter, and private schools available today. Additionally, the state is home to a mix of public and private higher education institutions. 

In Utah, there are many Christian colleges and universities. Further reading will reveal comprehensive details on some of the best universities. 

However, a few of the outstanding Christian institutions are as follows:

  • American Heritage School
  • Liahona Preparatory Academy
  • Intermountain Christian School
  • Layton Christian Academy
  • American Heritage of South Jordan
  • Berean Baptist Academy
  • Westside Christian School
  • Belmont Classical Academy
  • Hilltop Christian School
  • Ivy Hall Academy
  • Life Christian Academy
  • New hope academy

How Much Do Christian Schools in Utah Cost?

The average private school tuition in Utah is $11,632 annually.

However, certain schools may have lower tuition than others, while others may have higher tuition.

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What are the Best Christian Schools in Utah?

With the help of our ranking of the finest Christian schools in Utah, you can pick the best school for you. 

These Christian schools include;

#1. American Heritage School

This is a private Christian school in American Fork, Utah. It enrolls students from Kindergarten through twelfth grade. 

The student-teacher ratio there is 18 to 1 and there are 1,061 pupils in grades K–12. 

The tuition fee is $6,950 per year for grades 1 through 12 while international students pay $9,500.

American Heritage School is an institution that strives to provide academic knowledge and skills that are required to be able to pursue self-education throughout the life of their students.

Additionally, they instill in their students why it’s necessary to distinguish between right and wrong, truth and error; and gaining character and self-development of the body and mind.


#2. Liahona Preparatory Academy

This school is a private college preparatory Christian school in Utah County. They enroll pupils from Pre-kindergarten through grade 12 students.

There are 170 pupils in PK–12, with a 13–1 student-teacher ratio. The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $5,860. 

Furthermore, this academy aid parents in instilling the essentials of the humanities, sciences, and math in their children while incorporating the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So,  In order to help students integrate all of this Knowledge, Liahona preparatory academy works to create an education that allows students to integrate all of their knowledge.

 In actuality, Liahona’s program offers a curriculum for academics that is intended to function in agreement with parents.


#3. Intermountain Christian School

This is a top Christian private school serving students in prekindergarten through grade 12 situated in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Intermountain Christian School is a fully certified institution with 273 students in PK–12 and an 8–1 student-teacher ratio. The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $12,930. 

Furthermore, they impart knowledge and build the foundation of their student in an active, biblically integrated learning environment. 

Are you in search of Christian schools that will help your child to discover their purpose as well as have a positive impact in any place they find themselves? Then this school is the perfect choice for you.


#4. Layton Christian Academy

This is a highly regarded private boarding Christian school situated in Layton, Utah. 

With a student-teacher ratio of 9 to 1, it has 415 pupils in PK–12 grades. 

The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $28,950. 

Also, ninety percent of graduates from this institution enroll in a four-year university. 

Do you live in Layton and you’re in search of Christian schools for your ward? Or you’re looking for a Christian school for your children? You should consider this institution.

Layton Christian Academy is one of the best Christian schools in Utah because they work to transform kids into moral, educated individuals who contribute to the prosperity of their families, communities, and nations all across the world. 

Furthermore, with the help of their teachers, and coaching staff in the sports department, their students succeed exceedingly in both academics and athletics.


#5. American Heritage of South Jordan

This is a private, faith-based institution with high academic standards.

In the American heritage of South Jordan, they instill kindness, patriotism, and the importance of labor through the employment of traditional values. 

Your Children are in good hands because this school has the ability to teach students more effectively and efficiently. 

The Students who enroll in this institution grow to have proper conduct and a  strong work ethic.

Additionally, this school is approved by the Northwest Accreditation Commission and the teachers are highly qualified.


#6. Berean Baptist Academy

A private Christian school located in Ogden, Utah.

The tuition cost for the highest grade available is $6900.

They enroll children from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Also, this school has committed teachers who give the students the attention and direction they need.

Additionally, they strive to produce graduates who are able to evaluate their entire range of experience in the context of the Scriptures and also eagerly in joyful devotion to God.


Editor’s Pick:

#7. Westside Christian School

This is a private Christian school situated in St. George, Utah.

Tuition is $12,750 for the top grade available.

It has 15 pupils in grades K–12 and four students for every instructor. 

Furthermore, the education of the students in this school is centered on using God’s truth as the foundation for all subjects.

So by this, the students would be able to experience God fully, relate to the world responsibly, and live with a gratifying sense of purpose.


#8. Belmont Classical Academy

This is one of the best Christian schools in Utah. It is an Independent K–12 school that follows Christian teachings. 

Furthermore, this school works hand in hand with parents to make sure that their students receive the best education and have a positive impact on society.


#9. Hilltop Christian School

This is a private, Christian school in Sandy, Utah.

They offer a secure and nurturing environment for students while also helping them develop critical thinking abilities, grow in Christlike character, and become full in Christ. 

Additionally, they strive to make sure there’s a positive result in the academic and spiritual development of pupils. 

Therefore, for this to be done they have an academic calendar that suits their goals.


#10. Ivy Hall Academy

This is a highly regarded private Christian school situated in PROVO, Utah. It has 116 kids in PK, K-8, and an 8 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio. 

This school helps pupils by giving them the knowledge and self-assurance they need to be effective leaders in the twenty-first century.


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Best Christian Colleges in Utah

Here are the top Christian colleges and universities in Utah for aspiring college students looking for institutions that share their religious beliefs and exhibit academic success. 

However, only colleges and universities that offer four-year undergraduate degrees make up the whole list of the top Christian schools below.

  • Brigham Young University 
  • Ensign College
  • Southern Utah University
  • Western Governors University
  • Utah Valley University
  • Weber State University
  • Snow College
  • Utah Tech University
  • Midwives College of Utah
  • Broadview College

What Are The Best Christian Schools In Salt Lake City, Utah? 

Salt Lake City is the capital and most populous city of Utah.

 It is sometimes referred to as the religious center of the Mormons (Latter Day Saints).

Additionally, there are many Christian schools there. The top Christian schools in Utah are listed below.

  • Intermountain Christian School
  • Life Christian Academy
  • Carden Memorial School
  • Challenger School
  • Rowland Hall
  • Garfield School
  • Elizabeth Academy
  • Montessori Community School
  • Reid School
  • Capitol Hill Academy

What Are The Best Christian Schools In Provo, Utah?

Provo is a city in Utah. It is home to scenic natural areas, eateries, a renowned university, and a rapidly expanding economy. 

This city is home to many Christian schools. The ones that stand out from the rest are listed below.

  • Ivy Hall Academy
  • Arches Academy
  • The Heritage Community
  • Freedom Preparatory Academy
  • Treeside Charter School
  • Independence High School
  • Provo High School
  • Provost Elementary School

What Are The Best Christian Schools In Ogden, Utah?

Do you live in Ogden and want to find decent schools for your children? 

Do you want to enroll your children in a Christian school in Ogden? 

Here are several Christian schools that may be suitable for your children.

  • Berean Baptist Academy
  • Providence Montessori 
  • St. Joseph Catholic School
  • Deamude Adventist Christian School
  • Saint Brendan’s Classical Christian Academy
  • Crossroads Academy
  • Ogden Preparatory Academy
  • New Bridge School
  • Maria Montessori Academy
  • Hillcrest Elementary School

What Are The Best Christian Schools In St. George, Utah?

St. George, a wonderful city for brilliant minds noted for its importance in early Christianity. 

Morals are unquestionably a first in education and a natural fit for your children.

The following are some Christian schools in the city.

  • Westside Christian School
  • Trinity Lutheran School
  • Caritas Academy
  • Liberty Youth Academy
  • Ascent Advantage Academy
  • Cinnamon Hills
  • Desert Hills High School
  • Eagle Ranch Academy
  • DSU SUCCESS Academy
  • Millcreek High School

What Are The Best Christian Schools In Sandy, Utah?

Do you want your child to grow up in Sandy where correct Christian values are taught? 

The following are some Christian Christian schools that can help your child in complete development :

  • Hilltop Christian School
  • Waterford School
  • Challenger School
  • Bell Canyon Montessori School
  • Grace Lutheran School
  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic School

What Are The Best Christian Schools In American Fork, Utah?

There are many tourist attractions in this city, as well as top-notch Christian schools for your ward. 

These schools consist of:

  • American Heritage School
  • Belmont Classical Academy
  • Odyssey Charter School
  • Barratt Elementary School
  • Greenwood Elementary School

Frequently Asked Questions

How many private religious schools are there in Utah?

Utah has 51 religiously connected private schools educating 9,169 students for the 2022 academic year (30 percent of all schools).

The majority of schools with a religious affiliation are Catholic (31%), Christian (20% of schools), and Latter Day Saints (10 percent of schools).

What are the Best Christian Private Schools in Utah?

There are lots of Christian schools in Utah that can help in developing your child in all aspects of life.
However, the top-rated Christian private schools in Utah include :

Hilltop Christian School
Intermountain Christian School 
Carden Memorial School
American Heritage School


You can attain both academic and spiritual greatness by attending Christian schools in Utah. 

Additionally, they offer a practical student-to-teacher ratio in a secure setting, providing you with a more personalized educational experience. 

You can choose wisely as a result of our ranking of the top Christian colleges and universities in Utah.


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