How To Get An Apple Student Discount 2022

Enjoying the Apple Student Discount is one of the ways students can get Apple products and devices at a much lesser cost.

Being a student has a lot of benefits when it comes to discounts on products. For instance, if you are into gadgets and electronic devices, an HP Student Discount and Dell Student Discount saves you up to 50%.

However, if you’re an entertainment Buddy, the Hulu Student Discount and Spotify Student Discount can save you some really good cash.

On the other hand, you can Get Paid to Watch Netflix or better still get a Netflix Student Discount. For those in need of some new gym clothes, you can get the gym shark student discount.

You see, there’s every good in being a student. 

And for what it’s worth Apple Store also offers students discounts on their products. 

So in this article, we will show you how to be eligible for Apple’s education pricing. Also, we have shown you how much you can save and what you can buy from Apple’s Education Store.

Students, teachers, lecturers, and those who work for an educational institution can save money on a new Mac, MacBook, or iPad purchase thanks to the Apple Education Store. 

You too can pick a MacBook from the pool of products available for Apple Student Discount.

Shall we show you how?

About Apple Student Discount.

Apple Student Discount

Apple Store is a store that has a big heart and market for students. They have a lot prepared for students that they have an entire separate education store for students.

The Apple Education Store offers students hefty discounts on Mac computers and iPad tablets. And sometimes they give away products like AirPods as an incentive.

Most Apple customers don’t have an iota of knowledge on how they can get this discount. And for what it’s worth, they don’t even think the discount applies to them. 

Only students who are enrolled in a higher education course, or those who work in a school, college, or university are eligible for the Apple Student Discount.

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Things That You Need To Know About Apple Student Discount.

Before we talk about the discounts Apple offer to students you need to know about these terms and conditions;

  • Only students make use of Apple’s student discount. 
  • Via the discount on Apple’s UK Education Store, US Education Store, CA Education Store or AU Education Store, you can save hundreds on a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro or Mac mini.
  • Between June and October each year in the northern hemisphere, and between January and March in the southern hemisphere, Apple runs a promotion for students. In these promotions, Apple offers a free pair of AirPods with qualifying purchases from the Apple Education Store.
  • Apple US Education Discount Store requires validation from UNiDAYS before students can get a discount.

Who is Eligible To Get An Apple Student Discount?

There are three types of people who can qualify for a student discount:

  • Students in higher education.
  • People who are buying for education institutions.
  • Parents of higher education students buying on their behalf.

What Can I Buy Using My Discount on Apple Store?

Discounts are currently available for 

  • iPads.
  • Mac computers (iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini).

You cannot use your Apple Discounts to buy

  • iPhone.
  • AirPods.
  • Apple TV.
  • HomePods.
  • Apple Watch.
  • Accessories or Software.

How Many Products Can I Buy Using the Apple Student Discount?

Apple has a number of discounted products students can buy yearly. You get to know this by the specifics “quantity limits apply”.

Here are the products and the quantity you can buy using the discount apple offers you as a student according to the Sales Policy document:

  • iPad: 2 per year
  • Desktop: 1 per year
  • Mac mini: 1 per year
  • Notebook: 1 per year
  • Accessories: 2 per year

However, Apple is not limiting education sales anymore in reference to the changes in January 2022. 

How Much Is The Apple Student Discount?

This is a little varying because Apple doesn’t offer a single, universal discount. Every product has its price discount.

How Much Can Students Save On Macs and MacBooks?

MacBook products too come on massive discounts whether it is MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro or Mac mini.

In the UK, you can get MacBook discounts on:

  • iMac $1,249 (usually $1,299) – $50 off.
  • Mac mini $649 (usually $699) – $50 off.
  • Mac mini From £628.80 (usually £699) – £70.20 off
  • MacBook Air from £898.80 (usually £999) – £100.20 off.
  • The Mac Pro from £4,948.80 (usually £5,499) – £550.20 off.
  • 24in iMac from £1,124.40 (usually £1,249) – £124.60 off.
  • MacBook Pro from £1,168.80 (usually £1,299) – £130.20 off.

In the US, these are the discounts you’ll find on Macs:

  • MacBook Air $899 (usually $999) – $100 off
  • MacBook Pro $1,199 (usually $1,299) – $100 off

NOTE: MacBook discounts do not come with free AirPods if you are buying from Apple’s Back to School promotion.

How Much Is Apple’s iPad Student Discount?

iPads products too come on massive discounts whether it is iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini in the Education Store.

In the UK, you can get iPads discount on up to £80: 

  • iPad from £309.60 (usually £329) – £19.40 off
  • iPad Air from £535.20 (usually £579) – £43.80 off
  • The iPad Pro from £711.60 (usually £749) – £36.40 off.
  • The iPad mini from £379.20 (usually £399) – £19.80 off

In the US, these are the discounts you’ll find on iPads:

  • iPad from $309 (usually $329) – $20 off
  • iPad Pro from $749 (usually $799) – $50 off
  • The iPad Air from $549 (usually $599) – $50 off
  • The iPad mini from $379 (usually $399) – $20 off.

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How Do I Get An Apple Student Discount?

If you qualify for the Apple discount for students, the next is to know how to get money off at Apple.

However, each country has its own specification on how to get Apple discounts for students. For clarity, we have put together how to get discounts on Apple Education for the UK, US, or AU students.

How to get an Apple student discount – UK

  • Click on the link to Apple’s UK Education Store.
  • Sign up on student discount website UNiDAYS to access Apple’s educational discounts. Or you can use the rival verification service Student Beans.
  • Input your email address, password, name, institution, subject, year of study and course length.
  • Sign in to access Apple’s student discounts..

How to get an Apple student discount – US

  • Visit Apple’s US Education Store.
  • Verify your student status with UNiDAYS using your school ID.

How to get an Apple student discount – Australia

  • Visit Apple’s Australian Education Store.
  • Verify your student status with UNiDAYS using your school ID.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Student Discount

How Do I Buy Apple Products For An Education Institution?

Apple has a different store for people who want to buy new Macs or iPads for school, college or university.

Here’s how you can get Apple Products for institutions!

– Visit the UK, US or the Australian Apple Store.
– Search for your Educational Institution by entering your institution’s details and click on search. 
– If found ,you will be able to sign in to access your institution’s store.
– If your school, college or other institution isn’t found then you may need to call Apple to discuss registering your school.

What Happens If I Don’t Qualify For Apple Student Discount?

Well, it’s not a dead-end if you don’t qualify for the discounts Apple offers students. 

Here’s what to do if you don’t qualify;

– Check out the Apple Refurbished Store which offers discounts for everyone.
– You can consider getting a discount from other stores that sell the same things as Apple.
– You can pick up discounts on new or older Mac, iPad and iPhone models.

How Do I Get A Student Discount For Apple Music and Apple TV?

Apple’s student membership scheme for Apple Music offers a 50% subscription discount. This discount includes Apple TV for a limited time.

Apple Music membership costs £9.99/$9.99 but with a discount, students get to pay £4.99/$4.99 per month. Here’s how to get Apple Music for half price;

– Prove that you’re enrolled in an eligible university or college.
– Sign up for an Apple Music student membership discount.
– Verify your student status via the verification system

Can I Get Free Headphones From Apple?

Yes, Apple gives new student customers a free set of headphones and AirPods with the purchase of an eligible device like an iPad or Mac. 

Sometimes, Apple would give students the choice between several different Beats by Dre headphones.


On the Apple Education Store students get their preferred device at half price or way much less than the original price.

Go ahead to enjoy your discount using the methods we outlined above.


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